The great leap of Margaret Qualley


If anything characterizes the films of Quentin Tarantino is that have served as a springboard for many actors who became stars after filming with him. As a movie fan, obsessive who enjoys discovering talents in the movie that look, Quentin gave them the push they needed to Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender and Daniel Brühl in Malditos bastardos and everything seems to indicate that you will have to do the same with
Once upon a time in… Hollywood

There are many, including Tarantino, have been fascinated with Pussycatthe beautiful acólita dand Charles Manson that seduces Brad Pitt and leads him to the Spahn Ranchthe lair of the group, where takes place one of the most chilling scenes of the film. But few know that Margaret Qualley, the actress who plays her, is the youngest of three children Andie MacDowell had with her first husband, the model Paul Qualley, and that the girl already had a promising career when he was called by the great director.

The actress, who started out as a dancer and became a model like her mother, facing her roles with a lot of discipline

Qualley has just received his first nomination for the Emmy for best supporting actress for her remarkable work in the series Fosse/Verdon, in the that embodies Ann Reinking, a famous dancer who was the partner of Bob Fosse (Sam Rockwel). In addition, he has released three other movies so far this year and at the beginning of September will come to the cinemas Strange but true, a film in which he plays a woman who miraculously is pregnant of a man who died eight years ago. Also you will see at the festivals of Venice and Toronto to accompany Kristen Stewart in a film about the legendary French actress Jean Seberg. And as if all this weren’t enough, has just completed a film alongside Sigourney Weaver, My salinger year, which has the lead role.

Family Margaret Qualley with her mother and her sister Rainey

Family Margaret Qualley with her mother and her sister Rainey
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Born 24 years ago in Montana, where his father has a ranch, Margaret grew up alternately there and in North Carolina, where her mother moved after a divorce when she was 5 years old. From very small he wanted to be a ballerina and is obsessed with the dance to such an extent that at 14 he went as a pupil to an art institute. What he left at 16 to join as an apprentice in a professional company in New York. But soon realized I didn’t have the necessary talent and left everything, although he did not renounce his independence, so he decided to stay in the big city and try her luck as a model, a career that has also fared very well –it is memorable their turbulent dance in an ad for Kenzo–. In fact, her mother was a model very popular that it was converted to an actress.

Margaret Qualley with Brad Pitt and Lena Dunham

Margaret Qualley with Brad Pitt and Lena Dunham

Qualley discovered his talent when in 2013 was to visit her boyfriend, Nat Wolff, the film set of the independent movie Palo Alto, which protagonizaba James Franco and in which he was asked to participate. He felt intrigued by the experience and began to take theatre classes. At six months, Peter Berg gave him his first big break, a role in the cast of the series
The leftovers, which was the daughter of Justin Theroux for three seasons.

And if since then has not stopped working, it has been because it takes all the discipline of the dancers, including step-by-El hormiguero on Antena 3, two years ago. For his role in once Upon a time in… Hollywood, he read all he could about the clan Manson, and learned to dress with little clothing, something that contradicts their personal style, where he prefers long dresses and blouses without cleavage. For Fosse/Verdon held long conversations with Reinking on her relationship with Fosse, and for My Salinger years, in which his character reads all the time, he did not make another thing that to devour books.

The new muse of Tarantino –which these days is the associated sentimentally with Pete Davidson, the former of Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale– shares a flat in New York along with his sister, Rainey, four years older, a singer and also an actress, but has not had the same luck.