Maddie Ziegler makes her debut as an actress in the trailer of “The Book of Henry”


Then direct Jurassic World and before you get behind the cameras of the new delivery of the saga Star Wars, Colin Trevorrow promises us many surprises with her new film, The Book of Henry:

“Part of what I hope appeals to people is that it is extremely unexpected and take you to places that really you can not imagine. Audiences have become so intelligent guessing how futile to finish the stories, that I wanted to create a film that could be truly surprising and unpredictable”.

The Book of Henry focuses on the story of an 11 year old boy of the same name (played by ‘jaeden Lieberher), whose intelligence and emotional maturity will impress everyone who are around you: in your own home to help her single mother, Susan (Naomi Wattsmanage your finances and other adult issues while caring for his younger brother Peter (Jacob Tremblay).

However, Henry wants to solve a problem of his neighbor Christina (Maddie Zieglerin her debut as an actress) who is a little bit in love with and who seemingly lives in constant fear of when his stepfather Glenn (Dean Norris, of Breaking Bad) gets drunk and arrives in the evenings.

This is a problem that is complicated by the fact that Glenn is the commissioner of police of the city. While Henry wants to use his intelligence to find a way to do justice, the final scene of the trailer introduces us to Susan, pointing a sniper rifle, so things are not going to be so easy.

The Book of Henry premieres in movie theaters next June 16,. Let’s look at the trailer below:


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