Kris Jenner: Mom Kardashian believes Khloé and Tristan Thompson sleep together again


The famous mother and manager of the entire clan Kardashian Jenner is highly convinced that his daughter and the basketball player, parent of your little granddaughter True, they have returned to at least one of the activities performed before the termination of their romantic relationship.

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Kris Jenner is convinced that her daughter Khloé who has returned to share the house with your former spouse Tristan Thompson, the father of his lovely daughter, and obviously the protagonist of all the infidelities that destroyed the relationship of both, have taken up some other activities of your former dating.

So Khloé, has been in the need of insisting that its coexistence with the basketball player, in his mansion, is unique, and necessarily to keep intact the core family in these times of isolation forced and for the sake of their small daughter, by what has been denied directly the theory handled by his mother.

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However, Khlóe been reported in earlier episodes that still does not rule out the idea of returning to being a mother in the future and that, for this reason, you might resort to artificial insemination. However, she mentioned Tristan in as a donor.

“I already have a sperm donor. Yes, Tristan. You have to sign legal documents to be officially. But who knows, if in three years I case with someone, you probably don’t need it and say: ‘I do not want’,” he said to the cameras.

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Clearly this concerns you enough, Kris Jenner, as only they know how much Khóle suffered thanks to Tristan and all that it took to overcome that final rupture. You are worried about your daughter and her well-being, however, knows that his daughter is a grown woman and responsible and that she also unravels because her small daughter to grow up with well and without problems, so Kris respects the decisions that it takes Khóe.