Elon Musk and Grimes are not clear with the pronunciation of the name of his son



With less than a week of life, the son of Elon Musk and the singer Grimes has become one of infant most famous in the world thanks to the name your parents have chosen for him.

When the founder of Tesla announced that it had called of its small X Æ A-12, the general reaction was of surprise and puzzlement. It was no joke, as confirmed the happy mom shortly after, explaining that these spellings represent values very important to them.

The initial of the name, X, represents the “unknown variable” and the ligature of letters Æ is a transcription in spelling elve of ‘Ai’, a word that means love and/or artificial intelligence. The code-12 it is a tribute to a reconnaissance aircraft built for the CIA in the sixties that is one of the ships favorite of the pair because it does not include weapons and that, interestingly, was dubbed by its designers ‘Archangel’, which is also the title of one of the favorite songs of Grimes.

After announcing the meaning of the combination of letters and numbers, still had to spend a couple of days until that Musk is encouraged to clarify the mystery of how to pronounce it: as clarified by the last Thursday in the conversation that he had with the presenter of the podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, the idea had been to Grimes and, in reality, the child’s name is read “X amount of Ash”.

“Is the letter ‘x’, only ‘ x ‘ amount, and ‘Æ’ is pronounced Ash”, revealed to the employer.

However, his girlfriend seems not to have been satisfied with this explanation, since that has offered a different interpretation in his account of Instagram in response to a question from a fan about the controversial name. Both Musk as she seemed to agree that the ‘x’ is pronounced first as a letter to the independent, but she reads the ‘Æ’ in a different way.

“It is only X, like the letter ‘x’, and after A. I. Like if pronunciaras the letter ‘a’ and then the ‘i’,” he pointed out.