Do too much surgery? Christina Aguilera is unrecognizable


The american pop singer Christina Aguilera looks unrecognizable in the last video that went up to their networks. Do too much surgery?

It unrecognizable! So is Christina Aguilera. The american pop singer uploaded a video to his Instagram, and, the truth, and not like it.

Before leaving the scene in Las Vegas, Christina it recorded itself, and, to be honest, not recognized immediately.

We do not know if it is an excess of surgeries, botox or heavy makeup, but it doesn’t seem the same girl that was launched to global fame with his ” hot “Genie back in the bottle”.

The diva, who wears her traditional blonde hair silver, but this time with the pink tips, it does a pan and you can hear the audience scream.

Christinalike Britney Spears, has gone through so much and have endured the weight of the fame from a very young age.

In particular Christina went through some problems about weight. However, despite everything, still one of the voices more prodigious united States and the world.