Christina Aguilera is back with her ex-husband to the rhythm of Rosalia


When Christina Aguilera began her musical career, many things very shocking occurred in a very short space of time. One of those things was to know the one who was her first husband, Jordan Bratman, and the father of her first child, Max Liron Bratman. And is that in full cloud and drunkenness of success, with only 21 years, Christina met Jordan and fell madly in love him. They were married in 2005 and had its first and to date only son in 2008.

In just a few years Christina and Jordan realized that they were not made for each other and in 2011, they separated. Christina remarried and had another son with his current partner, Matthew Rutler but it has been now when you have jumped to the rumors of a possible return between Jordan and Christian. The reason? Some photos in which you are going to the two sharing a very important moment for both: the birthday of his son.

Has been to upload the photo to Instagram, and spread the rumor that both could be returning, after years of successful relationship, but nothing more. For if this were little, it was our own Christina the that rose a few stories where I could see enjoying the concert that Rosalia gave in Los Angeles.

There were many who hipotetizaron with the possibility that Christina was enjoying the concert of the Spanish next to her ex-husband. She has not confirmed or denied any news but you know, you don’t have any crisis with your current partner. It is for this reason that while the new yorker does not communicate otherwise, your marital status has not changed despite all the speculations thrown in the past few days. One thing is clear, who has entered into the heart of Christina Aguilera in the last days, is Rosalia.