Batgirl: a director known in the crosshairs


Batgirl is in full production and apparently, already found in charge of directing the film. This is a director who was nominated for an Oscar.

After several adaptations, DC Comics returns to bet for a new live-action: Batgirl. At the beginning the movie would be directed by Joss Whedon, who was in charge of The Avengers, but abandoned the project in early 2018. Apparently, they found the new director, and it would be nothing more than Greta Gerwig.

The young of 36 years, was released with the movie Lady Bird, which won a Golden Globe to “Best film, Musical or Comedy”. In turn, Greta Gerwig was also nominated for five academy awards among them “Best Film” and “Director”.

As for the project, it is clear that there is a chance that it is abandoned by study, but rather the opposite. In the script will be in charge Christina Hodsonwhich has impressed the executives after the adaptation of Birds of Prey, movie starring Harley Quinn and going to be the big film that will take DC in a short time.

Batgirl: a well-known director could be in charge of the movie

Batgirl would have the first character as a transgender in a movie of DC

The film Batgirl it will be the showcase for presenting the first character is transgender of the Movie universe of DC. It is Alysia Yeoh.

For those who do not know his name, is one of the friends intimate Barbara Gordon and also her roommate in the comics.

This revelation happened in Batgirl issue 19, published in 2013, when Alysia confesses to Barbara’s identity. “Ok, I understand that you were trying to protect me. Is there something you’ve been trying to say for a long time. I’m transgender, Barbara”, expresses the character in the comic.

Batgirl: a well-known director could be in charge of the movie

Zoey Deutch wants to be Batgirl

The actress Zoey Deutchwho will be part of the new delivery Zombieland, is one of the favorite actresses of the fans. This was seen on Twitter, when a fan shared a writing that said the following: “Zoey Deutch should play Batgirl in a movie. Only I want to her. Thank you, DC Comics”.

Quickly, the actress echoed this request and responded with a simple “Yes, please”. For the moment, it is still unknown who will be in charge of giving life to Batgirl. What we do know is that Greta Gerwig it is one of the major candidates for the address.