Why you should post in the style of Katie Holmes?


Katie Holmes has become an unexpected star of the street style and we’ll tell you why you should follow his unmistakable style.


November 20, 2019

Surely your feed of Instagram has also been plagued with images of Katie Holmes wandering the streets of New York. But it is not only to find the actress enjoying the Big Apple as we love it, but your style. To serve as an inspiration for our day-to-day, Katie has left her good taste as embodied in a photographic archive that without doubt will inspire future generations just as they do now muses like Jane Birkin or Anjelica Huston.

This being your time and then give it to your ex-boyfriend, Jamie Foxxa look of revenge when he was captured making him stop a taxi in a cashmere braKatie Holmes never skimp on to impose its unerring sense for fashion. No matter the time of day or the mood in which she is, her good taste comprises a certain addiction for the combinations of casual and elegant. Even his appearance in that cashmere bra it was the topic of conversation on Twitter for a couple of days, confirming that not only us, but all in the world, they want to add to your mood board.

It is true that the latest demonstrations of Holmes are a must. And that is that no matter in which country of the planet Earth you are, she has a outfit ideal for you: if it is cold, takes your coat throughout navy blue with a pair of booties and black jeans; for temperate climates, you can opt for a suit with satin; in heat, a dress maxi with details folk and sandals gladiator are a duo exceptional. And if events of night it is, a LBD with pantyhoes as outfit and red lips for contrast.

Compositions and fabulous shapes, textures and colors, make the paparazzi wait anxiously at the front door of the apartment in New York Holmes to achieve freeze your ootd. In his words, dressing should not represent a problem: ‘I just choose what I like to dress. I don’t have much time to choose, but I opt for the classic and the combine (to) leave.”

It is strange to speak of a file that documents the style of the actress when we know what a skeptic is in the spotlight. However, 2019 onwards seems to have encouraged this star of the street style that will surely give what to say the next decade —and in a few years. At the end of the road she will be joining that list of muses timeless all whirled around to see when it comes to inspiration nostalgic.

*IMAGES: Getty Images
María José Gonzálvez

María José Gonzálvez
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