Paul McCartney explodes “is very medieval eating bats”


In these days all have an opinion with regard to the coronavirus. That little intruder that has caused the global pandemic is still the subject of conversation of friends and strangers, and the world of the show has not lagged behind if of express points of view it is. Now, Paul McCartney gives a solution to the problem: change the eating habits of asians.

During an interview with Howard Stern for his program on SiriusXM (via THR), the ex-Beatle took the opportunity to report on their situation with regard to the pandemic.

In the beginning everything was going well, then after you confirm your good physical condition and good health, the singer-songwriter stressed the fact that people have known to get out of this difficult time by means of our oneness with each other, which reminded him of how people are joined the same way out of the crisis and the depression after the Second World War. However, the conversation was gradually changing tonebecause what began as a joy towards the unity of the british citizens it was becoming an opinion a hater on China, the country where he started the outbreak.

paul mccartney about the coronavirus

Stern, at one point in the conversation, brought to light the issue of the chinese markets of animals, which is where mostly you think of that emerged the COVID-19. Before this, McCartney, who is vegetarian and is considered animal lover, made clear his blunt way of thinking:

“I hope that this means that the chinese government will say ‘see, guys. Really we need to get super hygienic by here.’ Let us accept it, it is a little medieval eating bats, ” he said.

paul mccartney about the coronavirus

In addition, he proposed that several stars as Stern, and even he himself, to join in an appeal or campaign to make this type of markets there will be no more.

“It is not a silly idea, it is a very good idea. Do not need all this people is dying. What and for what? To be able to carry out all of these medieval practices. Just need to be more clean. It (the pandemic) might lead to that, and if you don’t, I don’t know what yes would make it. Might be dropping atomic bombs, and it would be the same, because it is affecting the whole world. Who is responsible for this is at war with the world and with himself.”

paul mccartney about the coronavirus

On the other hand, the musician assured that he is well but that is currently separated from his wife, because he is in Sussex, England and she was in New York when they began to give the orders to stay in quarantine.

McCartney it is not the only famous one that has raised its voice with regard to the diseasesince Evangeline Lilly was heavily criticized by ensuring that all it was “a simple flu”, while figures such as Woody Harrelson and John Cusack ligated the pandemic conspiracy theories of technology.

The opinion of Paul McCartney about the coronavirus is certainly respectable, but there will be what to see how it reacts to the always tranquil space called the internet.