Golden globe 2020: the actors and actresses revelation


“Do it wearing agree, Marie. What you are raped or inventaste to call the attention? We are public servants. We have other cases to attend to”, ask two police officers to Marie Adler, 18 years old, from one of the movies more powerful and sincere 2019: Inconceivable (Unbelievable). It premiered on September 13, and not only made history for his portrait of the machismo judicial poured on a victim, Marie, who in 2008 reported a sexual assault at his home in Lynnwood, Washington, and then recanted, traumatized by the fact and by the pressure discovery of the cops. Unbelievable it signified the consecration to a young actress-nominated Golden globe 2020 Best actress miniseries: Kaitlyn Dever.

On the 5th of January, in the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California, you will be able to demonstrate that it is worthy of the Golden Globe performance acting provided in the first episode of Unbelievable. The one that tells (as you can) the one terrible fact to the officers that the dizzy with their questions, thinking that, as was the abused girl in an orphanage, “I could be fabulándolo everything that does not pass unnoticed.” And with that same implacable logic, when you manage to disprove your own statement, they go further: they accuse her of false testimony. What makes Dever in the start of the miniseries, and in the other episodes, it is inevitable.

Although it will have a competitor very nearby and it also appears (at least for Argentina) as another of the revelations of the Golden Globe: Merritt Wever. Months after the rape of Marie Adler, the detective who incarnates will be associated with another, at the expense of Toni Collette, to pull the thread of the case: there were similar attacks in two other states of the united States and they chose a way more empathic with the victims. So, come to Adler and will prove they did not lie. Merritt Wever is more experienced than Kaitlyn Dever; both offer skills dramatic undoubted, and for sure, whoever will win, there will be a photo with your embrace cathartic in the Golden Globe.

But they are not the only revelations of these awards, the Association of the Hollywood Foreign Press, and the first of the profuse season of awards and film series, which will culminate in February with the Oscars. Other than what not to forget is the rapper of 31 years, strange name but resounding: Awkwafina. He had already been in the past year the discovery of the comedy Crazy Rich Asian (Madly millionaires, according to their poor local translation), which runs between New York city and a lavish wedding of the upper class in Singapore, but surpassed his own talent for his role in The Farewell.

In this film, Lulu Wang, also nominated as Best Foreign Film, Awkwafina received his first nomination for a Golden Globe as Best Actress in a Leading (comedy or musical). But, do you answer to such a genre, with its scenes of emotion and sadness? It is based on the experiences of Wang, about how a family gathers to say goodbye to the grandmother (the matriarch), but without telling them that is gravely ill. Awkwafina is notable for its main character: Billi Wang. What other revelations are in the list of the Golden Globe by 2020?

Ben Platt was nominated for his role in
Ben Platt was nominated for his role in “The Politician”(Photo: Reuters).

Ryan Murphy, the patron of the american TV of the TWENTY-first century, contributed once again to one of their players favorite to be ordained. It is Ben Platt, a seasoned performer of musical comedies, and who competes as Best Actor in a Television Comedy (rightly) by his cynical character in the series The Politician. A satire of civic, post-teenager and openly gay, on how to prepare without moral future leaders of the high politics of the united States.

Platt, although already an adult, makes a guy still in high school that he felt as a child, a predestination: “I’m going to be president of my country.” And do not fear to appeal to low blows and fake news to beat their rivals in an anteroom of power that does not seem less dirty and competitive: the campaign to preside over the student center. Does this sound crazy? That is the mark of Ryan Murphy and Ben Platt the captured to perfection with their gesture dislodged and your seduction without guilt. As exaggerated it may not seem unreal.

The journey through the revelations actor ever closer to the Golden Globe should not ignore the child Roman Griffin Daviswho is competing as Best Actor in a Comedy for his endearing role of the son of Scarlet Johansson in the production of black humor Jojo Rabbitof Taika Waikiki, set in nazi Germany.

Cynthia Erivo is highlighted by
Cynthia Erivo is highlighted by “Harriet” (Photo: Reuters).

First enthralled by the parades, martial, and by the discourse of supremacy, ethnic of these psychopaths, and then shivering when you understand what that means to the contempt for jews and the jewish, Griffin Davis touches on a film that seeks to cause, by putting himself Adolf Hitler as an imaginary friend of him. What trivializes the Holocaust, as many critics insist on repeating? Or do you laugh at the visions film’s most solemn, and instructive about how the nazi terror was inserted psychologically in the minds of millions?The questions will continue for years, around Jojo Rabbit. But there is grumbling about what he managed to Griffin Davis: to convey your fears, your doubts, existential, and its expected empathy for the persecuted.

Maybe not able to the Globe of Gold, as it competes in its category with Daniel Craig (for Knives Out), with Leonardo DiCaprio (for Once upon a time in Hollywood), with Taron Egerton (by Rocketman) and Eddie Murphy (for My name is Dolemite). Names enshrined decades ago in the height of the great cinema. But the child of Jojo Rabbit, from now on, will not go unnoticed.

The panning detailed by the actors and actresses that are emerging as new figures thanks to the Golden Globe should go to Cynthia Erivo, nominated for Best Dramatic Actress for the film Harrieton the leading african-american that helped you to escape to hundreds of slaves in the southern united States in the middle of the War of Secession, and that in addition interprets the main song: “Stand Up”.

There will also be highlight Kieran Culkin (brother of Macaulay, the protagonist of My poor little Angel), competitor in the category Best Actor in serial drama about the moguls of the media Succession. Or to the excellent Tobias Menziesfor his role as the husband of queen Elizabeth II in the third season of the drama The Crown. For this role, which surpassed significantly the sad role that they gave him in Game of Thrones: Edmure Tully, the cousin useless Sansa and Arya Stark. In The Crown, Menzies is the perfect complement for Olivia Colman to show how you lead the british royalty is not an occupation banal, but a responsibility that is excessive, full of anxieties and fears.

Among several revelations, one more worth highlighting: Beanie Feldstein co-starred The night of the nerds (Booksmart), Olivia Wilde, and the couple, casual or not, Kaitlyn Dever. The story of two girls who choose to overcome the years resigned themselves to their desires and capabilities of fun, and collected outstanding accounts in a night of revelry and emancipation.

What other data reveals the presence of Feldstein in the category Best Actress (comedy or musical)? That, thanks to the Golden Globe, win or not, your future will be generous: Ryan Murphy chose to play Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story: Impeachmentnow focused on the crisis of Bill Clinton once uncovered the affair with the exbecaria of the White House. The Golden Globe, but his actresses and actors emerging, as in the history of the prestigious awards, they will not succeed.