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Your 31-year-old Evan Rachel Wood is one of the actresses most promising of his generation. He began his career in the mid-nineties, when it was just a little girl, and today collects more than half a hundred series and movies to his credit, with titles to be as successful as The ides of march or Westworld. But that race early also has taken its toll. A year ago she herself recounted that she was raped before the Congress of the united States.

Now, the actress has picked up her story and has given details of the problems that has passed, who in his youth took her to a mental hospital and even think about suicide. She’s told herself in an essay she has written for the magazine Nylon, explaining the stigmas that have mental illness and how she is trying to break up with them. “We tend to feel more sympathy for a broken arm, which by an attack of deep sadness”, she says, and continues. “The mere mention of mental illness scares people”.

Sccording account the actress, suffered post-traumatic stress disorder “had been caused by multiple violations and an abusive relationship that lasted 10 years.” Wood’s account that he knew he had to take care of your mental health when, almost a decade ago, he suffered an attempt of suicide.

“I’m not an expert in mental health, but I can share with you my experience on the matter. When I was 22 years old, I decided to enter a psychiatric hospital by my own foot, and not feel absolutely no shame for it. Looking back, it was the worst and the best that I could pass,” says the actress, who has been nominated three times for Golden globe. For her to be in the public eye “has been a great privilege and a terrible burden.” In that eye the have situated his work as his personal life: he went out with Marilyn Manson from 2007 to 2010 and was married with the actor Jamie Bell (who now shares his life with the singer Kate Mara) between 2012 and 2014, with whom he has a child in common. After he went out with the actress Katherine Moennig and later became involved with the actor and singer, Zach Villa, until the end of 2017.

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Evan Rachel Wood, in a frame of ‘Westworld’. CORDON PRESS

In his writing, more than 5,600 words, the interpreter says that he awoke one morning and felt as if it had been “hit by a truck”. Then he decided to ask for help and in a moment of lucidity he called his mother. “Mom… I am. I have tried to commit suicide. I need to go to a hospital,” he said. “My poor mother, What would he be thinking? How would you feel? My god, she had to be hysterical. When I saw it, I expected it to fall apart in my arms, in a sea of tears. The I would hold up and I would say that it was good. This is how I care for others and not for myself. Almost die, but the guilt and responsibility he felt for the others was brutal,” he writes.

Wood recounts that he had not “eaten or slept in three days” and felt exhausted, but that had value for the first time in his life to ask for help. When her mother asked her why she did that, she replied: “I Wanted a bit of peace.” That’s why he was admitted in a hospital where he spent a lot of time sleeping, without leaving the bed, and then following a routine, eating all that I want (“do Two desserts? What Gluten? Do dairy? That will give you. Fact”), with visits organized, doing simple activities (“playing cards, painting, with the Connected 4… things that encontrarĂ­ais in a school”), strolling and smoking in the courtyard.

In addition, Wood also makes an argument in favor of normalizing psychological problems, too, in terms of ease of access; states that when he returned to his mother’s house to take care of her, they called different hospitals and there was no bed in any of them, and in addition all of it was very expensive: “mental health should not be a luxury for the rich. I am a privileged. Imagine how hard it can be for someone without health insurance, money or resources.”