After almost 20 years, Elle and Dakota Fanning will star in a movie together


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19 years ago, Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning took over the big screen with the movie I am Sam where not interpreted to the two sisters but to the same girl but at different points of his life. Since then, this is the only production in which they appeared together but that is about to change because soon star in a new film.

I Am Sam

After almost 20 years, Elle and Dakota) will appear together in The Nightingale. The film will be based on the successful novel of Kristin Hannah of the same name. Will give life to Vianne and Isabelletwo sisters living in France during the Second World War as you try to survive and resist the German regime that is threatening your country.

The Nightingale is currently in pre-production and will hit cinemas worldwide at the end of the year.

Dakota and Elle Fanning
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Elle and Dakota have been commissioned to stand out as stars of Hollywood separately. While Elle Fanning has starred in movies such as All The Bright Places, Violet and Finch (available on Netflix), The Roads Not Taken and A Rainy Day In New York. For its part, Dakota recently participated in the Oscar nominated film, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Ocean’s 8 and the series of Netflix, The Alienist.