Millie Bobby Brown talks about his friendship with Maddie Ziegler and gives details of their upcoming projects


Millie Bobby Brown, a few days ago announced through Instagram that would be away for a time from the social networks to focus on new projects, staying away until new year, for from that day to return to being active. For this reason, in these days we have not known almost anything about it, but in a recent interview with ‘Seventeen’ the small actress told us a little bit about what that is now working.

The actress told now by being announced as the goodwill ambassador of Unicef, want to traveling with the work of this organization to be as involved as possible. In addition to that, it also has a new film out in front. We know that she will be one of the protagonists of the film ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ which will be released in march of 2019.

In the interview you have not specified what is this new tape, we are almost sure that it will be this, but there is the possibility that it is another one also. What will it be?, it would not be surprising since we know that the talent and determination of Millie is infinite, and yes you could give the width for all these jobs.

The actress also spoke in the interview a little bit about your friendship with Maddie Zieglerthe dancer who is a success in the music videos of Sia, and also as an actress. They are like best friends, they live glued to one another, so much so that many of the photos of Millie on Instagram is next to it.

“We always talk on the phone, and we communicate through messages”said Millie, in addition to revealing that her first pajama party was at his house, and that will indeed be an unforgettable date for her, since this day something ‘fun’ happened.

“My first pajama party was in the house of Maddie, and at 3 am the fire alarm went off in your building, and we were all in the street until the fire brigade let us back.” Said Millie.

Millie must undoubtedly be a very good friend, at just 14 years old because she is a girl very responsible, and for this reason he forsook the technology to give the best of it in their projects. We can’t wait to get this new release!