Michelle Obama and the secrets of his life in ‘Becoming’


Your last night in the White House, his first date with Obama or the trauma that caused the death of his father are some of the secrets that Michelle Obama wanted to discover in his documentary, Becoming: My story, that was just premiered on Netflix. The wife of Barack Obama is sincere in this tape of an hour and a half of duration-based their memories and with the synopsis official is “an intimate look at the life of the former first lady in a time of profound change, not only for her personally, but also for the country to which she and her husband served for eight years.”


‘Looked like a’nerd

The film reveals details until now unknown of his personal life, among others, how you know Barack Obama and the first thing that he thought of him: “Looked like a nerd”. Thanks to a call phone managed to change your mind. “That voice that had nothing to do with the image of a nerd that I had done of him.” Michelle has Barack came late to your first appointment. But when he came to use his voice to say ‘sorry’, she gave up. Over the years his relationship with Obama was for her a personal challenge. “It was a challenge for me in many aspects. I knew that he was a tsunami that came over me and I would take them if I do not put the batteries. Didn’t want to be a single iota of their dreams. So that forced me to work, to think and to take decisions”.

Becoming First Ladyit has been the greatest honor of my life”, ensures. In Becoming speaks openly about the search for that delicate balance between achieving to be itself and undergo constant escutinio popular, and have become one of the most popular women in the world. “Every gesture you make, every flicker is discussed. You have the world watching every move you make. Your life no longer belongs to you”.


His daughters did the household chores in the White House

One of the biggest concerns when it came to the White House was the values education of their daughters Malia, who is now 21, and Sasha, 18. She did not want simply to live in a mansion with servants and privileges. Hence insist on them to clean up their own rooms and even wash his own clothes. “At first they told me that why me yes I made the bed and I answered them: ‘I’m the First Lady and I have studied a career'”.

In the same way, he left them to their daughters celebrate with a slumber party with friends on his last night in the White Housebut had to wake them up in the morning saying, “Awake!, the Trump are coming!”.

Michelle confesses that had to hold back the tears the day that snaked away from the Capitol building of the united States towards Marine One after the inauguration of president Donald Trump, “because you’re going to say that I’m crying for a different reason”, but as soon as I was safe aboard Air Force One, on the last flight from Washington, she cried for over half an hour. Those tears were not of sorrow, but of liberation: “they Were for taking away of over eight years of stress by trying to do everything to perfection.”

-Malia and Sasha speak for the first time the work of his mother, Michelle Obama


During the documentary, Michelle visit his house of his childhood south of Chicago, accompanied by her mother, Marian Shields, and his brother Craig. At that time, mind you I was jealous of his brother and that always fought to be the favorite of his mother, after the death of his father which was a big trauma for her. In fact, she wanted to follow in the footsteps of his brother and study at Princeton, despite the advice against his mentor in college. “She decided that was being too ambitious and I said, ‘I don’t think that Princeton is for you’. Well it seems that I was wrong,” she said, though aware that it was in this university where felt discriminated for the first time. The mother of his roommate he was “horrified” because he shared a room with a person of color. “He felt that his daughter was in danger,” he says. “I was not prepared for that.”

Never the memoirs of a First Lady has captured so much interest. His book sold over 10 million copies in less than five months, which became to Becoming in the best selling book of 2018. She would have liked to share many more moments in this documentary. “A small part of who I am happened during those eight years. What happened before was much more”, ensures to give way to some of the episodes most fascinating of your life.