Marvel: Sonny Burch to the MCU in Ant-Man 3 | Paul Rudd | Walton Goggins | Cinema and series


Movies Ant-Man will not be able to get the same box office that the Movie Universe of Marvel, but the superhero played by Paul Rudd has earned a place among the favorites of the fans.

Last year it was announced the third exit solo to the cinema, the Man Ant, although without a release date specific. In theory, Marvel has been separated October 2022 for a movie that still has no official name and, despite the current uncertainty that surrounds the release schedule of the Phase 4, it is likely that Ant-Man 3 to be the chosen one.

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It is a fact that Paul Rudd return to the main role, while Peyton Reed will sit in the director’s chair. However, there are various speculations about the rest of the cast of the tape: the participation of actors who played an important role in the first two deliveries as Michael Douglas, Michael Peña, and Evangeline Lilly still has not been confirmed.

Watch here the trailer of Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Although the scarcity of details would think that very little is known about the next film in Marvel, a publication of Reed in the social networks would light on a long-awaited return. Through its Twitter account, the filmmaker replied to a fan implying that Sonny Burchplayed by Walton Goggins. could re-appear in the MCU in Ant-Man 3.

The presence of the character of Goggins would be a solid addition to the series starring Paul Rudd, because that could be the intermediary of the new main villain of Ant-Man 3.