Carmen Electra always want a Prince, who was his partner at the start of his career


The actress and singer Carmen Electra never forget that it was the singer Prince, with whom he had a brief romance in the early days of his career, who discovered and relied on his talent, offering him a contract with his label Paisley Park Records in 1991.

“I gave my name, he believed in me and managed to inspire a whole generation. I always want to… sometimes it snows in April,” said Carmen in a public statement making reference to the song of Prince’s ‘Sometimes it Snows in April’.

For Carmen, Prince -who died at his home in Minnesota – will always be your “mentor”.

“I’m overwhelmed and my heart is broken after learning of the news of the death of my mentor. The world has lost a person with an incredible spirit and a genius of the music. It is a blessing to have been one of the chosen that he had the opportunity to work with him,” he added.

As with many other celebrities, the news of the death of the Prince has been taken completely by surprise to Carmen, who are accustomed to thinking that the singer was “a kind of god”.

“He always talked of life, not of death. He was moved to the music. But, at that time, also talk much of God, but never of religion. Prince was like a kind of god. Maybe that’s why his death has left me in a state of shock”.

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By: Bang Showbiz