BTS reveals who their celebrity crush


BTS has managed to send a message of love to their fans through their music, their fans have managed to develop the self-love thanks to the letters that the boys have embodied in their songs.

His inspiration is his own personal story and fears, not necessarily a romance with some girl, although a couple of them came to have some romantic experience during their student days, but now that you are a super star, the guys have focused on their careers, but not prevents them from having a crush famous.

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According to the portal E! News, during an interview prior to the AMA 2017, BTS revealed which celebs stole his heart. We tell you the celebrity crush of the guys who have won with their talent and their stories on the big screen.


His desire to be an actor led him to have a certain admiration for Brad Pitt, one of the highest paid actors and most famous of Hollywood. Though it also has a weakness for the princess and confessed his love for Anne Hathaway.


Has a crush very similar to it, Blake Livelythe wife of Ryan Reynolds and the protagonist of the famous series “Gossip Girl”.


OOPS!, it seems that we will stay with the doubts, it is Taciscrim forgot the name of your favorite actress, but fell in love with by one of his movies, so yes, we know that you are a fan of Billie and Ariana Grande.


Rachel McAdams is the actress who stole the heart of Jimin, the actress is known for her role in “Vows of love” and “Diary of a passion”, without a doubt, the idol is a fan of romantic stories. Awwww!


Taehyung shares the crush by the same actress who Jimin, Rachel McAdams, although is also a fan of Lily Collins, who stars in the film “Hunter of shadows” and “Love Rosie”.


For idol your love famous Amanda Seyfried, who starred in the movie Mamma Mia!, “Karen” in Girls Heavy and the “Girl of the red layer”.


Suga is a fan of the super heroines and his heart was conquered by Scarlett Johansson, who gives life to “The Black Widow” in the Marvel movies.