The beauty secrets that the celebs have learned from their mothers


On the same wavelength as JLo, Shakira thinks that “the women we are always under pressure because we are supposed to be perfect. We care about finding the best beauty products, dresses more beautiful… but the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. There is nothing sexier than loving yourself just as you are. When you are yourself and you respect, the people also does. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and be able to project that feeling,“ said the barranquilla to The Spectator.

And that confidence has helped her to forge her mother, Nidia Ripollthrough the teachings of life based on be evaluated to same: ”My mother helped me to create the security that I have today. In my case, I have encountered many obstacles throughout my life as an artist that few people believed in me, but my parents taught me to trust in me. It is very important that the parents support the children in everything they want to do.”

The words of a mother are a powerful source of love that builds the future of their children. As in this selection of tips of the progenitor revealed by the own celebsranging from how to clean the complexion to tips on how to proyectarte to the world to show off the best version of yourself, so are the traces left by the dedication of a woman to her children. Happy day to all mothers!