Noah Centineo and Lily Collins… are they a couple?


This Sunday, celebrities –even those who had not carried a statuette at the gala prior to the Oscars, or had not even been invited to the ceremony– gathered in the traditional after party organized by Vanity Fair and among them were young people Wool Condor and Noah Centineo the protagonists of the hit comedy ‘All the Boys that I Fell in love with’.

Style Post-Oscar: so they changed their look to the famous

In the case of the actor, over the past year, has officially become the new heartthrob of the industry after participating in two of the phenomena, romantic Netflix, the above-mentioned film in which she met her good friend Lana and the film ‘Sierra Burgess is a loser’.

Of course, your sentimental life he has given much to talk about – thanks in part to their own reviews, ensuring that Selena Gomez it was the girl of his dreams -but she had never passed of being pure rumors…. Until now.

At the after party of the Oscars, the handsome actor coincided with the actress also Lily Collins and, according to several eyewitnesses, the chemistry between them were more than evident while talked about inside the event safe from the cameras prying of the paparazzi.