Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.: the love that walked away the pain


Despite its jewish origin, the mother of

Sarah Michelle Gellar

building a great tree in every Christmas. The Birth at the base and a star at the end. Each December, the ritual was repeated. Boards were waiting for the first shadows of the cold night chosen for the routine liturgical. If it was snowing, the little he foresaw that the order would be fulfilled inexorably. Mother and daughter going on together, the tree, and when the bulbs already titilaban, Sarah watched the star at the end and asked for their wishes. He desire rather: to form a close-knit family with which to cope with the pains of life. All that she did not possess. His mother had separated from his father and that circumstance prevented him to continue seeing him. In addition to his mother transmitted to him a part of the resentment by his marriage failed and that made the children and young Sarah were marked by lack of affection.

Freddie Prinze Jr. she has always lived imbued with a spirit teen. Each Christmas, he enjoyed making jokes at his mother. The costumes were his hobby usual. However, when at twelve of the night, purred the bells of a nearby temple, he kissed her, linking their hands to a portrait of his father, Freddie Prinze, that well-remembered actor to an accidental shooting caused the death. (A fatal shot, which today is put in doubt, from some versions that speak of a suicide). On the eve of Christmas, the small not asked for anything to santa Claus, it is all entrusted to the image of his father smiling that belied the seriousness that is typical of comedians when they are not on the scene. As a teenager, Freddie Jr. holding on to the old frame, and he swore to his father that when he had met the love of his life is esmeraría for being a great husband and a family advocate. His greatest desire was to have several children and not to be separated ever of his beloved.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. not known, but both dreamed, wished, asked for, almost the same thing. She told the large christmas tree. Him, before the photo of his father tucked away in an old silver frame. Want strong and with authenticity is the most powerful weapon that the human being found to go in search of the destination. And to them happened to them.

The old-fashioned way

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr in Scooby Doo Source: File

She knew the fame of the hand of the television series

Buffy the vampire slayer

. The first appeared before the cameras of

Family Matters and

he won the esteem of the teenagers thanks to titles such as

Shes all that

. Typical of fate, those that can be for or against, in 1997, they hit join the cast of

I know what you did last summer

, the blockbuster horror film that swept the box office in the world. Immediately they hit a good wave, but nothing more. They were just good colleagues. They helped in the scenes and shared a lively lunch of filming. End. By then, she was 20 years old, one less than he.

When it came to love? Still we wouldn’t have three more years for something deeper to happen between them. Little by little, was to strengthen the relationship of friendship and were adding connivance. Until that dinner, suddenly alone, the ended up turning into a couple. The food tasty, by the way, was the one that sealed the love. How did it happen? One night, Sarah and Freddie had stayed with a common friend to go to dinner. They chose the restaurants that the trio most liked to frequent, and they even made jokes about who would pay the evening. It was a charming refuge away from the lights of the show business. The plan was perfect, but a so-called crucial almost ruined the plans. Although, as there is no bad that good does not come, that communication changed the destination. The friend in common was slightly indisposed and decided to plant them. What result? Sarah and Freddie decided, anyway, to go out to dinner to take advantage of the night. It went so well , that on the toast after the dessert, the looks began to mutate. The naivety of a friendship with these winks deeper that lay bare something more begins to happen. And it came to pass. They said goodbye with a kiss and with the promise of returning to go out alone the next day.

A ceremony of delivery of awards MTV was the first event that showed to be together and lovey-dovey. But it was, definitely, when they were called to play Fred and Daphne in

Scooby Doo,

where there is not hid more. Thanks to this film, not only reaffirmed the family profile of their elections, working to continue being stars very demanded by the public teenager; but that was potentiated something that, without them consciously as perceived, had been brewing silently in the first work shared. With

Scooby Doo

the thing is consolidated. The affinity was reinforced until committed. But there was still one more step to that the link is sealed with all formalities of the case: in Mexico, the first of December of 2002, they were married. The rest is history. 16 years of happy marriage.

“It was critical to the success of our marriage have been very good friends. We both knew each other well, we knew about our values,” explained Freddie, a short time ago, the press of the world. “I never liked appeal to hysteria or to make me the girl difficult because yes. Really, I never imagined that it could happen something like that with Freddie. That dinner started the most naive. He also was not expecting anything unusual, but it happened. Surely there is something within us that was brewing without even knowing it ourselves,” she said once. Friends, boyfriends, husband and wife. Step-by-step. The old-fashioned way.

The secret

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze

In the entertainment industry say that this couple is so solid, that we returned to more of one wanting to believe in the family. It is perhaps an exaggeration, but the truth is that both are handled with a low profile and lead a quiet life and smooth that allows you to excite with the world of the show is not the enemy of the construction of these deep ties and generous.

And if each couple is a world, the of them have codes that are unbreakable. Perhaps there rests the secret of this love, which is germinated in a set and was finalized with a kiss three years later at a table in a restó. “Don’t tell all, it’s healthy to keep some secrets,” Sarah said with a self-confidence rare in it. And to that he added: “to Maintain separate bank accounts for each person to make expenditures without the other being angry; and allow the vices of others, without falling into despair.”


Nothing less, nothing more. If vice it is, Sarah joined an association of women with husbands addicted to electronic games. As unusual as real. It happens that Freddie is addicted to the game on line

World of Warcraft

. Hours and hours, whole days can pass the young husband in front of the screen playing and spending money. So Sarah chose to ask for assistance to Widows of Warcraft: “Girls don’t hesitate and go, there are many people who are in the same situation and ask for relief here.” Although you may not believe it, I would say the old program records.

The box is perfect

The love story of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, in pictures – Source: Instagram


When they met 15 years of marriage, the actress climbed the social networks a romantic video with snapshots of the couple. There were No images of red carpets or


press. Only sequences family. Perhaps the best story that she and her husband ended up starring in. Any time Sarah wrote: “I love You not only for who you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you’re doing to me.” Do you need to say something more? How they are not going to confirm the means that is the couple that restored the faith in the love of Hollywood. Rara avis in an industry that devours the real bonds.

The successful box family is complete with their two children: Charlotte Grace and Rocky James. Such is the devotion to them that the actress after their births, it took away from the set as an actress or as a producer, his other passion. “I love that she can leave everything for the family, this is not common,” said her young husband recognizing the unusual thing of this link is plated to the old one.

The girl from New York city and the handsome heartthrob of California found a formula of their own. Nothing a teenager, unlike the projects that brought her to fame and made them earn fortunes. Indoors, maintain a relationship as solid as demure and manner. Distinguishing the vacuous from the lights of the show and focusing in the depth of the ties of family. Sarah knows what it is to not have a father present, and only came back to see at his funeral. Freddie recognizes the deep pain of not having met him because he died when he only had ten months. Why bet on something different, for them and for their children. Revert stories, that is.

Each christmas Eve, in front of the tree, repeat the ritual. She takes her children by the hand, look at the shooting star and the manger are on their feet. The strokes the old picture with the picture of his father. Share the desires that is only one: to follow the united states being family. Broke, thanks to the love, the pain of a childhood with lack of affection and formed a family in an industry that is not always bet on the real love.