‘Westworld’ will have a fourth season


The series ‘Westworld’one of the big bets of the science fiction television of the last few years, you will have a fourth season, as announced by the chain HBO.

“The theme park of the West to the metropolis technocrat of the future, we very much enjoyed each turn come from the minds of the master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy“says the president of programming at HBO, Casey Bloys. “We are looking forward to seeing where it takes us after his inspired vision,” he added.

Premiered in the 2016, ‘Westworld’ started last march 15, the issuance of its third season, which is formed by eight episodes of the remaining two chapters per issue.

Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton are some of the actors in this great production for the small screen inspired by the tape ‘Westworld’ (1973) from the writer and director Michael Crichton and that counts among its producers J. J. Abrams.

World hipertecnológico

‘Westworld’ poses a world hipertecnológico and, as explained by its creators to Efe, proposes questions philosophical in nature about how you can have freedom in a futuristic universe increasingly dominated by machines and the artificial intelligence.

“The topic of the free world is something that has fascinated many writers previous to this time,” said Lisa Joy at the presentation of the third season.

“Now we have to add the question of how our world will be increasingly shaped by the technology. If we have a free world to begin with”, I questioned.

The signing of Aaron Paul

One of the incentives of the new releases of ‘Westworld’ is the embodiment of the actor Aaron Paulwell known for the series ‘Breaking bad’.

“He was a fan of this series and when I got the call to see how it fit in ‘Westworld’ I suspended other negotiations to form a part of this series, a lot of confidence in Joy and Nolan,” he said.

The interpreter made it clear that the series has changed its understanding of and approach to technology, something he hopes that will happen also to the spectators.