Today 150 of the world struggle to pay the bills, is not well


Since the beginning of march, the tennis season has been suspended due to a coronavirus, with no signs of restarting in the short term. Without tournaments or the opportunity to earn money, almost all of the players ranked outside the top 150 or top 200 are deeply concerned about the future of our sport and how to survive these difficult months, waiting for the help of key agencies, especially the ATP and WTA.

Players best rated of the list ATP (well, almost all) are ready to assist their colleagues and the same thing happens with the stars of the WTA tour, with the coach of Simona Halep, Darren Cahill, confirming his desire to give some money to those of lower rank.

competitors. The coach to australian would love to see organizations of men and women under a single banner, calling it the best possible way to make things equal (as much as possible, of course) for all the professionals and the fans follow the sport.

The pandemic of coronaviruses has been a wake up call and all have to sit down and work on the necessary improvements in the calendar, the calendar, the prize money, the categories of tournaments, rankings and various other things.

In addition, Cahill would love to see those players of lower rank out of the danger zone in terms of financial, urging some excellent solutions in the coming months. “We, as a sport, by the likes of Billie Jean King, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, and what happened many years ago to form the WTA and the fight for equal rights and the struggle for the same prize,” said Cahill.

“This current generation of players are bred into thinking that this is all, this is how it goes in tennis, and this is how we play and this is what we expect. There would be some resentment on the part of some male players, but I think most would see the benefits and understand that this is the right thing.

Have both tours under one banner would mean consolidating resources, which could lead to the loss of jobs, but the money saved can be channelled back to the sport, making it more sustainable for a larger group of players.

It is more about how we make sure that this game remains healthy and continues to grow. When I played in the 80’s and 90’s, I think that tennis gave him to eat about 150 players. If you’re ranked 150 in the world, you could survive.

However, now is not the same. If you are ranked outside the top 150, you’re struggling to pay the bills and that is not right. With luck, this difficult period is a call of attention to the routes you have to do better.

The fact that no one is making money in tennis at this time, however, the top 100 players are putting in their own pockets to send money through system of classification; it is Not good for the ATP, the WTA and the ITF have been made to the players in that situation.

Good for men, especially Novak, for starting this and the male players for supporting you. I hope that the players of the WTA also support it. I know that the WTA is asking the players if they will do something similar to what Novak suggests. And I can tell you that Simona Halep has already agreed to do that”