Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrates anniversary; as, I met your husband


California, USA.- The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, is celebrating along with her husband, the actor Freddie Prinze Jr., 20 years of being together.

Through your account Facebook, Gellar shared the story of the moment that they met for the first time, thanks to a mutual friend missed his flight.

20 years ago, this week, my friend Freddie Prinze Jr. and I had dinner with a friend in common who was not from the city. That friend missed his flight, but we decided to find us anyway. Now we have 20 years together, 17 more married and two children, we’re still going to that restaurant for dinner. So thank you Leslie for not introducing you to dinner,” wrote Gellar.

Thousands of fans they congratulated the couple for their two decades of union, Sarah Michelle is known for her performance in the series Buffy the vampire slayer, in addition she played “Daphne” in the movie Scooby-Doo together with her husband, who appeared as “Fred Jones”.