Michael Jordan found Carmen Electra with Denis Rodman


We know that the documentary of Michael Jordan,”The Last Dance” has captivated audiences, thanks to this, in the past few days have revealed an endless number of anecdotes about various characters of the NBA, well, this time it was the turn of Dennis Rodman, who was found in bed with Carmen Electra.

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It was during an interview in the american media, Michael Jordan revealed what could be the third episode of this series. The most famous character of the Chicago Bulls pointed out that yah ace years, he found his former teammate, Dennis Rodman, in a situation a bit uncomfortable for all those present, on the bed.

The story begins when Rodman, applied for a permit to coach Phil Jackson, to go on holiday to Las Vegas to unwind for a couple of days, however, Jordan did not agree with such a situation. “You see Phil, but if you let him go you will not see again,” was the response that issued Michael.

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What Michael Jordan was right, because Rodman did not return when it should. “We had to go to get your ass out of bed. I’m not going to tell what I had in that bed or where I was or things like that”, said with some regret, the star of the Bascketball.

And one of the figures which supports and remember that story in The las Vegas, is nothing more and nothing less than the beautiful actress Carmen Electra, who was with Rodman within the room.

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“They knocked on the door and it was Michael Jordan. I hid. I didn’t want to see me as well and I got behind the couch with the sheets over,” revealed the actress, who for a time was the wife of Dennis.

It is clear that in the present, they remember it with quite a sense of humor, however at the time it became a situation very uncomfortable for all participants.

Maybe the result would have been different if Rodman had spoken the truth and advised that he would be with a girl a few days, the coach would have agreed with a better attitude and it is possible that they would not have passed such a situation.

Even the uncomfortable circumstance could have been avoided if the player complied with the treatment of return on time. So Jordan would not have had the need to go looking for it.