How baby on the way for Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo?



Yotuel Romero and Beatriz Luengo follow at the foot of the canyon during the period of isolation caused by the crisis of the coronavirus. The couple has just released a new theme of the hand of the popular group of the cuban Orishas, in collaboration with the violinist Ara Malikian, entitled ‘Love me as I am’.

Obviously, the public appearances of rigor in order to promote this musical work have been discarded due to the current crisis of the coronavirus, but Yotuel has granted the occasional interview from his home in the who has revealed what the future holds.

In conversation with the magazine HELLO! he confessed that his partner and he did not rule out expanding the family because there is nothing that makes them happier than to be surrounded by yours. In fact, last summer it was rumored that Beatriz could be pregnant for the second time, but ultimately the rumors proved to be wrong.

The two musicians share their personal and professional life since seventeen years ago after discovering in the series ‘A step forward’ and have become a duo infallible at the time of writing some of the greatest recent successes of the record industry in Latin america.

In addition, they have a child in common of four-year-old named D’angelo and Yotuel, for its part, is also the father of a teenage son, the fruit of a previous relationship that form part of their dynamic at home.