Evangeline Lilly, against the quarantine, said that he preferred “freedom to life”


The pandemic coronavirus has shaken the whole world, forcing a result that the governments of the countries that are being affected by the disease take extraordinary measures to try to stem its spread. The confinement of the population and the strict instructions health imposed by the authorities form the bulk of the defense against the virus, but not everyone sees it with good eyes.

The actress Evangeline Lilly knew especially for her role as Kate on the popular series of ‘Lost’ and for his participation in the trilogy ‘The Hobbit’, has unleashed the controversy in the social networks to express their profound disagreement with the overall reaction to the advance of the Covid-19. And is that the interpreter has made it clear that it does not consider the disease as sufficiently dangerous as to justify the strong restrictions that have also started to impose the United States.

The controversy arose when the interpreter published on his account of Instagram a photograph of a cup of tea next to which he wrote the following: “I just leave my children in the camp gym. Hands were washed before you go. They are playing and laughing”. To this, he added the hashtag #businessasusual, which could be translated into English as “business as usual”.

The post will not be liked too much to their followers, who the accused ignore the recommendations to stay at home and be displaying an attitude of the most irresponsible and unconscious. Something that Lilly did not hesitate to replicate in several different comments, answering directly to the accusations of some users. And in one of his answers, The actress revealed even in their personal circumstances:

“I am living with my father, who is in stage 4 leukemia. At this time, I’m also immunologically compromised. I have two small children. Some value life above freedom, and other valued freedom above life. We all make decisions. With love and respect.”

This response, as was expected, only fanned the flame, and as the debate between users encarnizaba, the interpreter returned to intervene to give again your opinion: “At this time we are too close to Martial Law for my comfort.” said, “all for the flu to respiratory. It is bewildering”. In addition, Lilly also noted that each election year “anything happens” and that what there is to do now is “watch the leaders” make sure that “don’t abuse this time to take away more freedoms and gather more power.”