Carmen Electra will leave the breasts in tiny swimsuit


Carmen Electra he has taken a liking to Instagram and this time quarantine preventive by the coronavirusshe has consented to their fans with burning images.

The sensuous woman celebrated her birthday number 48 with a series of photos in a bathing suit. In the first photo appears posing in front of the camera and with a headband birthday girl on her head.

However, the third image was the one that grabbed the attention, as she appears face-up and stuck to the wall; but as the sexy outfit this down, your breasts will come out a bit causing it to almost teach you more.

The sexy photos have led to many of his fans will remember their days in Baywatch and the looks that used to enchant the viewers.

  • “I hope I look like you when I turn 48 years”
  • “Wowwww you look amazing, the years don’t pass you.”
  • “Beautiful, my only platonic love”
  • “ūüĒ•Awesome birthday”
  • “A pleasure to see you as well”

With the hands in the dough

In the past few days has premiered the documentary “The Last Dance”, available on the platform Netflix, and that is being seen in the united States, taking advantage of the millions of americans remain confined in their homes. They are able to enjoy the stories unpublished portrayed in its great majority by Michael Jordan.

One of them will not stop talking in the last few hours, and is that has as protagonists to Dennis Rodman and Carmen.


Jordan recalls how, after the return of Scottie Pippen after overcoming an operation of ankle, Dennis asked Phil Jackson on vacation in Las Vegas to relax and unwind for a few days. “You see Phil, but if you let him go you will not see again,” was the blunt response of ’23’.

“We had to go to get your ass out of bed. I’m not going to tell what I had in that bed or where I was or things like that.”