the singer with the who all want to collaborate


Nowadays the genres are more fused together than ever, but there are still many artists who know very well what sound are more comfortable. The artist of which we speak today is a clear example of this, who knows that theirs is the R&B and it is getting fewer and fewer people to ask, who is Summer Walkerto , among other reasons, for its spectacular and sweet voice.

With it has captivated as many, many people from all over the world, but as his success has happened very quicklyit is likely that some might need to use several keys to learn more about this singer that has made with its naturalness feet above the landscape.

Summer Walker collects hundreds of millions of reproductions

Perhaps to many of you sounds his name thanks to ‘Girls Need Love’his song with Drakebut Summer has a lot of collaborations more despite having only 23 years old.

What is more, this work with Drizzy emerged as a result of that he sent a DM for Instagram telling her he had heard this theme of yours, and hence arose the possibility of creating the remix, which is evidence of the magnetism he has with his voice. Or larger can resist.

‘Last Day of Summer’, their first mixtapeand ‘Over It’, your first studio album, which have been launched in less than two yearshave a lot of featurings in which the artist looks like no other and makes it clear that it has come to stay.

Summer Walker and his anxiety issues

Although it has not all been a bed of roses in the still short career of this great artist. Just a few months ago, Summer started that it would be his first tour, but not managed to complete it because of his social anxiety. This was the cancellation of 20 concerts and it is placed on the eye to look at.

When he went to the gala of the BET Awards, Soul Train music awards to collect his award to Artist Revelation, some accused her of pretend your anxiety and complained about her short speech, so that may in the future have to work even more to get the unconditional support of the public. Even though Summer knows more than enough that is to give it all, since before being on top, she worked as a stripper and as cleaning of houses.


However, everything changed thanks to a woman with your same name who worked as a studio manager in Atlanta -his home town – which belongs to the seal LoveRenaissance discovered through the videos up to YouTube singing while he had other jobs.

The contrast of their aesthetic and their voice he opened the door to this world which he still is adapting, because despite the fact that their success is a reality, everyone who knows her describes her as “extremely introverted”, something that has never hidden and that has made it connect with the public.

With his angelic voice and his raw words has managed to conquer half the world, or at least her new album ‘Over It’ debuted in the number 2 of the list of Billboard albums, what became the first female artist of R&B that I got something so large in a decade. In fact, only in the first week of the album on the street, I had already made the best numbers for a female artist in the history of R&B.

Meteoric rise, baby.


The data speak for themselves, but it seems that the secret of Summer Walker hides behind his words, as many describe it as “the voice of an entire generation of african-american women”. It seems that is not afraid of anything, and the themes of their songs are from the sex to their inner demons.

Summer brings singing since before the age of 15 thanks to the influence of artists such as Amy Whinehouse and Jazmine Sullivanhence their style is so personal and own R&B that I listened to both in the 90s. She herself says that “he began to sing because I wanted to earn money so easy and creative“.

And what if it has succeeded.


Now Summer is part dand Interscope Records and, despite the fact that their health problems are placing impediments in order to develop your career as you would any other star, your fame is unstoppable and hasn’t really stopped working ever.

‘Playing Games’ is his last video clip along with the always great Bryson Tiller and, as you can see, it goes with everything and for all.

If knowing all this you still haven’t fallen in love with one of the revelations of the moment, attentive to all their movements. Although he is back on tour, it is very likely that anything pull out something new that just to convince you full and hook up as much as we do.

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