‘If you are not awake’: why does the sentimental to the people the movie on Netflix? – Movie news


There is a new sensation in the streaming platform is doing reflect in adolescents and adults.

These days of quarantine have not only served to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but also to relax a bit and distract us with various films and series that are in the platforms of the streaming. Netflix has become one of the main sources of consumption for those who are in the house and, although in days past had problems with their servers, most of the time it is available to users between and enjoy content such as: If you are not awake, which is putting sentimental to many of the people who see it.


The film is starring Zoey Deutch, who plays Samantha Kingston, a girl popular, whose last day of life arrives the 12th of February, but not in a typical way, but that the girl is trapped in a loop of time, so that you relive again and again the same 24 hoursfrom the routine in your house before you go to the school, its coexistence with classmates and friends, to a feast, which present various situations of adolescents.

The plot of If you are not awake following the “jigsaw puzzle” that you must decipher Sam to solve the mystery of his death and in this way to exit the loop you are in, so that your attitude, actions and relationships are changing as you move the movie to fit the necessary parts in your journey through the last hours of his life. (As a curiosity, Diego Boneta has a cameo as a professor).


The movie is not original to Netflix, but the platform added to its catalog and has been carried forward in the top daily most watched content. In Mexico even became a billboard business three years ago and, although it was not a success at the box office, has now caused more noise from the usual with its step by the service streaming.

Still from the party scene of ‘If you are not awake’.

And is that the plot makes emphasis in how we interact with our environment, how we treat people around us, and literally the famous phrase “live each day as if it were the last,” charges a lot of sensebecause throughout the story the protagonist tries to make amends for the mistakes you make and straighten your path to one that does not hurt people and that makes you feel better about yourself, get rid of the masks, and virtually be that person you always wanted to be without fear of what your social circle says.

The mexican actor Diego Boneta has a cameo role in ‘If you are not awake’.

There’s even a reflection that just encompasses the perfection of the message of the film (SPOILERS): “Maybe for you there is a tomorrow. For you maybe there or three thousand, or 10, but for some of us there is only today and what we do today is important at the time and perhaps for eternity. I see my greatest hits. I see things that I want to remember and that I will be remembered. I realize that some moments last forever. Even when they finish, continue. They are the meaning.”

So If you are not awake invites to a personal reflection on how we share with our environment and for this reason, many people have been touched and even redesigned your routine with this new perspective.