“Tiger King” again? Donald Trump baffled with the statement about Joe Exotic


Donald Trump spoke of a possible acquittal of the “Tiger King” Joe Exotic.

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The Netflix documentary “Tiger King” is, in particular, in the United States very well. Now spoke even Donald Trump to the controversial Zoo owner Joe Exotic.

  • Thanks to the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” (on English: “Big cats and their predators”) is the former Zoo owner Joe Exotic the focus of the media.
  • Currently, he is in prison and hopes for an early release.
  • Now also commented Donald Trump to the protagonists of the documentary.

Netflix has, once again, a Hit landed only Once, not with a fictional series, but with the documentary “Tiger King”* about the controversial Zoo owner Joe Exotic. This was several years ago, a violent confrontation with animal protection activist Carole Baskin. She had been accused of Exotic at that time that he would not treat his cats properly, prompting a months-long dispute flared up.

The climax is reached, this conflict finally, as Exotic a contract killer hired to eliminate Baskin. A Plan that, fortunately, failed. Now, Exotic is in prison, and applies with a request to President Donald Trump.

“Tiger King”: the President could pick up Joe Exotics prison sentence

Joe Exotic to serve since the beginning of this year, a prison sentence of 22 years. Reason for this is in addition to the alleged Contract killing Carole Baskin also, the accusation of the Animal abuse. Exotic even deny all those acts and is also hoping to be earlier released from prison. That would be, for example, by an acquittal of the American President is possible, the he Trump asks.

In the context of a Radio broadcast said finally Donald Trump Jr.the son of the President, to Joe Exotic and noted also that his father could speak to the controversial Zoo owner free. Only a day later, reported Donald Trump self to word.

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“Tiger King”: Donald Trump comments on the potential release of Joe Exotic

In a press conference a Journalist to handle the issue and asked Donald Trumpwhether he is actually a Acquittal of Joe Exotic come to think of. Instead of answering immediately, he passed the question to the people present, who reacted neither with a Yes nor a no. Then he expressed his own opinion: He would an acquittal, at least by the head let go.

Trump’s answer caused quite a stir, because the opinions are divided on Joe Exotics in prison in General. While many are of the opinion that he was wrongly convicted, others consider the sentence as justified, as, for example, the Producer Rick Kirkham, for a long time with Exotic had worked*.

However, it remains to be seen whether Trump is thinking is actually an acquittal. Several Twitter users noted that his response to the question rather jokingly was. He probably wanted to loosen up so it’s just the mood, because the very serious press conference in the first line to the Coronavirus turned.

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