These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020


Once it’s been a couple of weeks of the new year, has already given us time of pass the hangover of the 2019, organize all of our intentions and to prepare for the Third World War.

Jokes aside, at this point we have summed up the best of 2019, and what now is put the view in 2020. We have put together artists that we believe that any music lover should not miss.

Below, we’ve compiled those that, in our opinion, are the candidates that no one should lose sight of. Like any list, it is subjective and always will be welcome your suggestions.

Don Toliver

don toliver 500x333 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

Do you remember – ‘Can’t Say’ from the album ‘Astroworld’ of Travis Scott? There appeared an unknown at that time called Don Toliverand everyone immediately was captivated him. Another pearl was born in Houston, Don managed to amass a large amount of fans following your appearance on the disc.

More recent is his brilliant presence in ‘JACKBOYS’, the compilation album of Travis, and in which also appeared Sheck Wes. All of this does no more than increase the hypand by new material throughout 2020, as a solo album which is rumored to leave soon.

Roddy Ricch

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A server came up, warning a long time ago, and it seems that was right on track. It turns out that Roddy Ricch finished the 2019 taking off in spectacular fashion, achieving what many dream of, have a song number 1. And is that even Justin Bieber has been able to destronarle, and ‘The Box’ has emerged as the song most listened to United States.

‘Excuse Me For Being Antisocial’ was the album released at the end of the year and that gives for many more months, but it would not be unreasonable to think that could seize the moment to continue starring in the year 2020 with new material.

Lil Tecca

lil tecca 500x283 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

The young man who brought us ‘Ransom’ and hit a plunked at the moment it’s that you only have 17. And is that the one born in New York I got to call the attention with his song, that came to number 4 in the list Billboard.

After throwing a remix with Juice WRLD and other developments, such as ‘Love Me,’ came his debut with the disk ‘We Love You ‘ Tecca’. 2020 will be the year in which we will see what direction you take and if you can keep your name on high. Everything looks to yes.

Joyner Lucas

joyner lucas 500x281 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

For those who say that rap is dead, Joyner Lucas it is a great example of that still more alive than ever. An artist who began ringing years ago, with several remixes of hits such as ‘Gucci Gang’ or ‘Look Alive’ and that follows the foot of the canyon showing off his talent thanks to featurings with Eminem in ‘Lucky You’ or cuts on his own as ‘I Love’.

His ability to mix a few skills amazing content deep that is at once modern makes him one of the faces most prominent of recent years. It is expected that by 2020 be the year that launches its debut album, ‘ADHD’.

Summer Walker

summerwalker 1 500x281 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

The female artists are more present than ever, and we’ve got big names who are leading the new wave of talent. Among them, one of the most promising is Summer Walkerfrom whom did months ago to an article and that also gave us his successful album ‘Over It’.

Being one of the promises in the genre of the R&Bthat takes a few years in a big way, Summer will be in 2020 one of the names that you must not lose sight, because his career has not done more to start.

Lil Nas X

lil nas x 500x281 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

When ‘Old Town Road’ began to sound all over the place imaginable after controversies about the genre of the song, practically, few people remained that had not heard the name of Lil Nas X. But to achieve this, what better than to release a remix with Billy Ray Cyrusone of the biggest names in the country and the father of Miley Cyrus.

The young artist released last year an EP with 7 songs, demonstrating an ability to mix genres to reach the largest audience possible. Topics such as ‘Panini’ or ‘Rodeo’ maintained its success during the coming months, and we have many eager to see him succeed also in 2020.


dababy 500x281 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

Anyone who has paid a minimum of attention to the industry, you may have heard the name of DaBaby. And is that Charlotte has been on every site imaginable and has sounded non-stop in all places. And also, your style is unmistakable, and their video clips are one of their greatest signs of identity.

In 2019, virtually no one was left who didn’t know, but 2020 may mean that DaBaby is world renowned. We don’t know what you have prepared, but if it manages to maintain the pace of last year, I can assure you that will end up being one of the greatest of his generation.

070 Shake

070Shake 500x281 - These are artists that you must not lose sight of in 2020

One of the new promises bundled up by our dear Kanye West began to attract attention when we all wonder who was that voice that shone in ‘ye’, the album that brought us Kanye in 2018 within 5 that would eventually be coming that summer.

070 Shake is the name of that voice which we fell in love at all, and after a PD round, and a series of developments such as ‘Guilty Conscience’ that have been arriving recently, the artist prepares for a 2020, which can only serve to continue to grow and demonstrate their enormous talent.

There are many more names that will sound for 2020, as Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay or Quando Rondo. But surely you have many more names to hand, so do not hesitate to tell us who you think will shine in the new year.

We have compiled here everything that we would like to see in the rap of 2020.