Jessie J has a cold personality?


Jessie J - WE Day California in 2017 - ArrivalsJessie J, a cold and unapproachable Person? This view Michelle Visage, the judge for “RuPaul’s Drag Race represents, at least”. She met the singer, as this once in the Show occurred. Their colleague Nicki Minaj Visage has said only Good.

You said the “Gay Times Magazine”: “What I found in Nicki’s great, what that they (…) was genuine, honest and yourself. When Superstars come in the Show, then you don’t know what you get. You do not know whether you aloof, not friendly at all and a totally cold Person like Jessie will be J. But Nicki? She was great.“

Jessie J is back with Channing Tatum together.

Photo: (c) David Gabber / PR Photos