Fashion in the Corona-crisis: My sweatpants, and I – Panorama


By Katrin Maier-Son

Uncomfortable times need comfortable clothes. The Jogging pant is not only the clothes of the athletes and rappers – even if fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld is rotated in the grave.

What is more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants? Photo: Adobe stock/Grace Lynn
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What is more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants?

Photo: Adobe stock/Grace Lynn

Stuttgart – the parents quarrel with their children, whether it is the appropriate piece of clothing for the school day and in many ways, it stands for the end of the common sexual life. No other piece of clothing splits the society as much as the Jogging pants. You will be hated and loved, or both at the same time. While supporters of the 21. January, celebrate the day of the sweatpants, impose opponents of the comfortable garment bans in schools and cafes. What makes this piece of fabric is so controversial and we learn it just in the current crisis appreciate?

On the subject of Jogging pants the quote of the late czars of Fashion must Karl Lagerfeld fall. The was sure, that everyone who wears Jogging pants has lost control of his life. Therefore, currently, the majority of Germans would not have to have your life in control. In some ways, that might be true even, but it is a Virus that is currently to our everyday lives. The sweatpants, however, is not to blame. Quite to the contrary. As one of the few constants in these times of crisis you will accompany us through the day. Whether at home cleaning, video conference, or the walk to the bakery around the corner – it is our faithful companion in this difficult time.

100 Years Of Convenience

The origin of the comfortable piece of fabric in the France of the 1920s has. The founder of the French supermarket chain, Le Coq Sportif, Emile Camuset, designed about 100 years ago, a pair of pants from stretch Jersey and created the first Jogging pants. This should enable athletes to be even with the cool temperatures outside and active. It was only in the 90s, the factors of Coolness and Lifestyle was added to the functional sense. Using the American Rap and Hip-Hop scene, the idea of sport clothes for daily outfit and stand for youthfulness and a casual Occurrence. Was worn, as it is the great Rapper Snoop Dogg, Eminem and their ilk – in front of: as far as possible, and deep-seated.

Since the beginning of the year, the Jogging pants are not only a symbol of a youth culture, but a global crisis. The Corona Virus is forcing us to stay increasingly in the home, work if possible, at home. Parties, Opera visits, team meetings, or family gatherings are taboo and suit and costume in the rear corners of the closet, banished. Instead of the morning question “What should I wear today?” are workers in front of all of new Considerations: Should I reply to an email from the bed? Only clearing out the dishwasher and then start the Computer? And last but not least: Can I hold the online conference in the sweatpants?

The Trend is tone-on-tone

Rositta Beck advises companies and employees in the areas of office organization and communication. The expert Jogging pants does not hold for the right clothes in the home office: “home office there is no boss or colleagues as a form of social control. Therefore, many forgo the business attire. But the Outfit with imprinted work atmosphere.“ Without the usual work clothes would be even harder to draw the boundaries between the spheres of life. Beck recommends, therefore, to dress in a home office as in the office: “A well-groomed pair of Jeans and a shirt or blouse, enough to increase their own productivity. The Outfit, the hairstyle and facial care to count.“ Especially when other family members were staying at home, could drop the distinction between work and leisure mode thanks to the appropriate clothing for the family members easier. So using the choice of wardrobe could be made between the professional and private role changed.

The fashion industry sees it differently. At the latest since “Vogue”editor-in-chief Anna Wintour a few days ago in red Jogging pants from the home office reported that The sweat pant is now accepted also by the sizes of the fashion world. And not only in the home office. Recently, the fashion magazine “Elle” wrote: “The pant is also away from the quarantine is a Fashion Trend that can be seen if you wear the sweatpants right.” The appropriate style to move from the bed in the living room or doing his shopping, was a pair of sweatpants with a matching Sweatshirt. Because the monotony would be interpreted at home due to the output restrictions on the freedom of movement for the work is guaranteed, and even a casual Look for a gear in front of the door. If that is too boring, puts on a pair of colorful socks and voilà, finished the Look.