By glitch filter facial discover that ‘streamer teenager’ is 58 years old


“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” it is an old saying based on a cartoon published in 1993, in relation to the anonymity of the Network of Networks. But that already happened a lot, and now, we believe we know the appearance of any youtuber or streamer.

The Simpsons predicted this time.

However, a recent case reveals that in reality, there are things that never change. And is that now, they gave them “cat for hare” to thousands of people.

The streamer “Your Highness Qiaobiluo” deceived thousands of fans

What happens is that recently it was discovered that a well-known streamer china call Qiaobiluo Dianxiaone that many people thought that he was a teenager, actually has… you 58 years old!

Those who saw their transmissions were seeing a girl, but a bug in the filter that was used revealed his true appearance. It turns out that covering the face by means of a simple graph, which is faded and surprised everyone.

By mistreating your cat live, ask baneen to streamer

So it was that revealed the face of “His Highness Qiaobiluo”as the called some. This person had previously said that they would know his identity if he was paid 100,000 yuan.

This is equivalent to $14,500 dollarsbut as you can see, things did not turn out as she thought. Before this happened I had a hundred thousand followers on the social network DouYu. Many people were angry by the deception they suffered.


In the end, she was very benefit

As you can imagine, this streamer he shared photos of other people to pretend to be another age, and had a lot of success in doing so. Would have continued with this farce not because the software failed, and his followers realized all live and in color.

The claims appeared immediately, and one might think that everything ended in a disaster. But in reality it was the opposite.

“Your Highness Qiaobiluo” happened to have more than half a million followers. It seems that the fiasco the only thing that did was shoot their popularity in more ways than one.

Now is the streamer most sought after DouYu, only that now everyone knows their true age. Is that your nickname has been changed to “Grandmother”. Perhaps those who do similar things should follow their example. It’s better to run with luck!