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He maintains the perfect
Facade. An extremely neat Appearance, is an unprecedented physical Fitness and
a respectable Job as a Broker on Wall Street. A chic Apartment
with enough space for all the expensive Designer clothes, a pretty fiancee
and on top of that, an attractive mistress.

The Christian Bale
played Patrick Bateman seems to be living the American dream, if there
not his little secret would be: In him an American Psycho slumbers. In Clear Text:
He is a sick serial killerwith vanity, a penchant for perfection and
to the Sounds of Phil Collins, Huey Lewis and the News or other icons of the
80s his victims dismembered.

American Psycho

American Psycho as a subversive, feminist Film

The Director and script writer
Mary Harron has made from the book of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis
Turn of the Millennium, a feature film created, the the concepts of Masculinity and the
Capitalism in the Modern
on a astute way to the top
drives and images a by the look funny staged violence to
The brain will be burned.

American Psycho was according to Marry
Harron and Co-screenwriter Guinevere Turner as a subversive, feminist
Film planned by a whole range of iconic scenes the toxic
Masculinity underpinned
. Just think of the business card scene, in the
Bateman and his colleagues in a competition about the biggest status symbol
fight by comparing your business cards or to Christian bale’s famous
notorious walk with the chain saw.

American Psycho

Leonardo DiCaprio as American

The Batman was the Star not
the first choice
for the role of the murderous capitalists. At least not if
it would have gone to Lionsgate. Because the Studio originally wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the principal role, especially after the Mega-success of Titanic as a
Cash magnet, and an interest in the role shown had introduced.

Mary Harron, however, on
Christian Bale as the main actor, and then left the production. As
Replacement took Oliver Stone on the Director’s chair, but after a short time
also since left themselves Leonardo DiCaprio of the project distanced.

Finally, Marry Haron was
your favorite cast members returned, the we as of today on Amazon
on the side of Stars such as Jared Leto, Justin Theroux and Reese Witherspoon at his murder funny in American Psycho may admire.

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