Netflix series with Idris Elba discontinued


Turn Up Charlie At The End Of

Idris Elba in “Turn Up Charlie” © 2019 Netflix

Source: Deadline

You know Idris Elba probably as the Star of the series “The Wire” and “Luther”or from movies like Pacific Rim, Thor or Prometheus. But did you know that Elba is a true multi-talent? He is a Rapper and R&B singer-songwriter, a Hobby racer, Kickboxer, and recently celebrated the debut also be a Director. But Elba’s greatest passion aside from acting, is DJing. Already as a teenager he put under the name Big Driis in London night clubs and to date, this employment remains a part of his life. So you will find it in most summers behind the DJ booth in the trendiest Clubs of Ibiza.

Last year, Elba had the opportunity to combine his two great passions. In the NetflixComedy series “Turn Up Charlie” he played the failed DJ and Ripper, Charlie accepts reluctantly a Job as a Babysitter in the eleven-year-old problem daughter (Frankie Hervey), one of his celebrity friends. In the process, perhaps his last Chance to get his life under control at last and to find success as a DJ, offers herself to him.

In spite of its large Stars published Netflix “Turn Up Charlie” in March 2019, without the large expense of advertising, and since then we have heard nothing more of the series to Netflix now, more than a year after the Release, has announced that “Turn Up Charlie” no second season will get. Not that anyone would have expected after such a long time without Updates, but now the fate of the series is sealed permanently. A lack of job offers Elba should not complain nevertheless. Recently, he has The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn shot and will soon be in George Miller’s mysterious movie Three Thousand Years of Longing play. In addition to his crime series to “Luther” either with another season or a long-promised movie to go on.

Below is the Trailer “Turn Up Charlie”if you want to get an impression of the series.