Directed by veteran Phillip Noyce (“The cartel”) turns the war Thriller “Alive Day”


Alive Day

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Maybe it’s not ringing at all of you in the name of Phillip Noycebut the films of the Australian Director is expected to know most of the movie fans. With The hour of the patriots and The Cartel he directed the two best Tom Clancy films with Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan. He also turned The Saint with Val Kilmer, and the serial killer Thriller The Bone Hunters with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

In the 2000s, he focused more on smaller art-house films and earned a lot of praise Long Walk Home (OT: Rabbit-Proof Fence) and The quiet American with Michael Caine. A new blockbuster he ended up in 2010 with the action-Thriller Saltthat brought him again with Angelina Jolie together. Since then, it has been a little quiet around Noyce. He worked mostly in television as a Director “Revenge”, “Atlanta Medical” and “What/If” and staged for the cinema, the Young-Adult adaptation Guardians of memory – The Giver.

His latest Film, the Thriller Above Suspicion with Emilia Clarke, is not released in Germany yet, but Noyce already has a new Director in view, which puts him in the Genre in which he celebrated his greatest successes: a politically-charged Thriller. Noyce, the Director of is Alive Day assume, based on a true story, which was in fact the novel “Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day” by Samuel Hill processed. Alive Day follows Hill, called the Chief in the novel, in a Secret operation in the desert of Iraq, near the border to Jordan in 2003 during the Regime of Saddam Hussein. Chiefs unit was composed of seven men – Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers and naval intelligence. Their Operation was so secret that even the Name of the unit was changed every 30 days. Everything went according to Plan, until an Explosion one day, all of the Team members killed with the exception of the Chief. He survived, badly injured, confined to a wheelchair. Back in the USA, he sank into a Depression and was temporarily homeless, until a chance encounter in a Park changed his life. Thanks to revolutionary medical technology, he learned to run again.

The Trauma of his application processed Chief with the Research about what actually went wrong. At the same time he is haunted always by the fear that he might have been the offender, in whose hands is the blood of his men sticks. His Research uncovered a sensational detective story about the secret cooperation of the FBI with the Jordanian government.

Noyce describes the template as a mixture American Sniper, Born on the 4th of July, Go to hell and Coming Homeall milestones of the war and anti-war cinema. However, it is Alive Day an additional Mystery component, à la Agatha Christie added. Kathleen McLaughlin, the producer of several films and series episodes of Noyce, wrote the screenplay to Alive Day. Noyce explained, what fascinates him about the movie: (from the English)

I have staged in the past, reality-based films with Harrison Ford as The cartel, or larger-than-life extreme action Thriller like Salt with Angelina Jolie. By tells the remarkable and inspiring true story of a man, joins Kathleen McLaughlin’s screenplay Alive Day apparently disparate elements in a way that will, hopefully, invent the Thriller, a war movie, and mystery genres at once.

This is an announcement. I don’t think the plot description that the Film is equal to inventing several Genres completely new, but under the direction of Noyce, there are probably at least on a solid, exciting political war Thriller.

The production of the film is scheduled to begin after the end of the Corona-crisis.