Travis Scott x Fortnite: Live performance now on YouTube





Burning roller coaster tracks, a floating purple Planet, is also one of the greatest Speakers of all time, dancing skeletons made of Lightning and an angry giant who wants to pull his excited subjects with a mixture of rage and euphoria in a different world: The iconic is a Live Gig from Travis Scott in the case of Fortnite now online on YouTube!

Rapper Travis Scott and online game Fortnite just a digital concert series hosted in a computer game. A total of five appearances, has given Travis and his animated 3D counterpart in the Fortnite world, strictly according to Timetable of course. As astronomically large Cyborg the 27-Year-old Fortnite had figures in front of a specially programmed Stages and Settings, flounder, recessed lightning, in Flames, flinging them in the air, might goad you to ecstasy – normal Travis concert, if you will.

Travis Scott x Fortnite: A Genre-busting spectacle that has never before been

… and quite possibly a completely new Live division as a Promo Tool for musicians and video games has opened.

For all of us, no Fortnite a gamble, and the Event missed have, the games developer, Epic Games, the complete concert now uploaded on YouTube. Ready for the biggest In-Game-Turn-Up of the story?

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Somehow you would have guessed it, Yes, or? Fortnite has always been known for its quirky, viral dances. Where else would you hold a digital concert, if not in a Videogame, where every single character tens of nice dance moves has in store? In the “Astronomical Event” with the game characters, in any case, escalate as anything else: burning Mic stands you pay homage to your God, paying for it with rollercoasters and colossal explosions.

If at some point concerts in the real world, what in the years to come Zoomer are? 3D performances behind the screen, who knows how big the are still?

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