Her white swimsuit fashion trend with the Slimming effect!


Mother Earth 🌿💧…. Be conscious of how you treat her. Love her and she wants to keep you forever. #Happy earthday“wrote Jennifer Lopez (“Hustlers”, 2019) on the occasion of the international “Earth Days“ last Wednesday on Instagram. Their 119 million Followers in were enthusiastic and agreed to her a thousand fold. But in addition to this, for all of us an important issue, the swimsuit-Look of the 50-Year-olds in the focus of the fan base.

White swimsuit: the Slim manages-Look à la Jennifer Lopez for any figure

With a dreamy-pensive views, natural Beach Waves, proves that it can appearance of the American Superstar with puerto Rican roots, how sexy a white swimsuit. And does away with the prejudice that White stick.

Swimsuit in White: not really a figure-trap?

Yes and no. Who is like Jennifer Lopez, thanks to a healthy diet and a sophisticated training plan, in the best of shape, you should do so anyway, no Worries. For all other applies: A bathing suit in White makes us stronger appear, but stresses that the corresponding parts of the body more and makes for a feminine Silhouette.

Black, however, makes the optically recede and this supposedly appear smaller. The natural interplay of light and shadow. A effect also be from contrasting models. A bathing suit in White is not so the case really a character, but should rather be used as a way to emphasize their own advantages, and to feel so beautiful and slim!

However, no matter which variant of swimsuit you choose, you should feel good! Who is doing this, is to look – regardless of dress size – great in a white swimsuit! As well as all those who take in the contrast box of tricks. To feel good, after all, is the only prerequisite for a sexy Look!

Jennifer Lopez sees it the same way. You have to stand up and say: “There’s nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am; you’re the one with the problem!”

The swimsuit remains beautiful for a long time: the little care once one

  • Swimsuits to wash after going into chlorinated or salt water thoroughly
  • To prevent Fading of the colors, not in the sun to dry
  • Caution when dealing with sun cream. You can leave in bright bathing suits yellow edges
  • Laid store together. Unnecessary “together crumple” can affect the elasticity of the tissue

From romantic to sporty – here there are the most beautiful swimsuit models: