12 Guinness world records, which are really impressive


Faster, higher, stronger – these are the 12 Guinness world records could also inspire you

Citius, altius, fortius the official Olympic Motto that drives mankind since ancient times. Still further the limits of the Possible are pushed – with some insane results.

Pushups in an hour

Sun are stressful support pretty? Not for Jarrad Young. The Australian fitness trainer, introduced in August 2018, the incredible world record of 2806 Push-ups in one hour. The means to success: Young ranked always 15 support to each other deck and put then in each case a short break.

Bench presses under water

The the official world record in the bench press by Ryan Kennelly is to say 487,6 kilograms of stick. Against these, best brand, Greg Wittstock had no Chance, which is why he come up with something very Special was: bench press under water. In October of 2019, he noted, with 62 reps with a 50-pound dumbbell set a new world record. The Difficult part was, not only, to lift the barbell, but also one and a half minutes long, the air stop.


You want more under water-best brands? No Problem. How about mermaids-records? Logan Halverson works in the Aquarium in the Silverton hotel in Las Vegas as a siren and has set in 2019, the world record in air rings and bubbles under water. 48 you made in a Minute.

Your colleague, Ariana Liuzzi keeps the best brand in the 360-degree underwater twists on the head. 32 Times she turned in a Minute to the own axis. No wonder, it was then quite dizzy.

Forearm Plank

30 seconds of each creates almost – the forearm Plank is one of the classic strength exercises that any of us has ever made. World record holder in this discipline, George Hood: The 62-year-old Ex-Marine from the USA stayed in February 2020, the incredible 8:15.15 hours, in the exhausting Position.

The decisive factor here is only the force, don’t be Hood said afterwards, but the Psyche. Again and again, doubt, boredom, and the question of the meaning would be self. In the preparation of the world worked record-holder, therefore, with a mental coach, who taught him to feel like a tree with deep roots.

Two-Finger Pushups

As would be normal support is not already strict enough – the Armenian Hrachik Kostandyan is an expert pushups on two fingers. 57 the martial artist managed to in a Minute.

Standing high jump

The world record in the high jump by Javier Sotomayor, is 2.45 meters, but with a running start, by the Fosbury Flop, and on a Mat. And from the Stand? In 2019, the American Board Williams in Forth Worth, Texas, which is still valid today best brand. He landed with his record jump to 1,651 meters.

How Williams came to the world-record idea. Video: streamable

The one-legged record of the Canadians Evan Ungar holds, by the way. He jumped in 2018, slightly less high, but still strong 1,346 meters. For comparison: A normal table is between 75 and 80 centimeters high.

The high jump with a pogo stick

High jump with the help of is Olympic – high jump, everyone knows. Less well known pogo stick high jump. Although everyone knows the Bouncing rods from his Childhood, competition, moderate the farms but hardly any. The Russian Dmitry Arsenyev, however, already: In a Guinness Show in Italian television, he jumped over a height of 3.40 meters.

Solve a rubric cube

The ultimate section record should not be missed: The Chinese Yusheng You improved in November 2018 in Wuhan, the old record for the fastest Solve a rubric cube to 75 hundredths to 3.47 seconds. In an official Competition of the dice hidden under a Cup, then was it the Speedcuber for a maximum of 15 seconds to inspect. The time started, as he had lifted both hands from a Timer, and stopped, as they were again on the time device.

The largest Rubik’s cube

We stay at the Rubik’s cube: The Briton Tony Fisher is fascinated since the 1980s, of him the out but was soon begging. So he started to build his own rotary puzzles. The coronation: The largest Rubik’s cube in the world. From cardboard boxes and a self-designed rotating device, he produced a Rubik cube with a side length of 2,022 meters.

The Greatest Hula-Hoop

Getti Kehayova comes from a circus family. At the age of 9 she got her first Hula-Hoop as a gift, since then the fascination for the Turn – and fitness device does not let go. Her sister stood at the end of the 1980s, with 97 tire the record for the most simultaneous Hula Hoops.

Kehayova decided in 2014 to also want to be a Hula-Hoop world record. After four years of hard Training with a lot of blue spots and a great Moment had come: she managed to bring the with a diameter of 5.18 meters, the largest Hula-Hoop-Ring of the world to Rotate.

Hold your breath

How long can you hold your breath? Maybe a Minute? Branko Petrovic manages to almost 12 minutes long. The Serb holds the official world record in static apnea diving. 11:54 minutes, he held it with one breath under the water.

Petrovics world record from the year 2014 situated in Dubai. Video: YouTube/TIG Media

More than twice as long as the Croatian Budimir Sobat remained 2018 even under water. However, at that time, 52 was allowed to breathe in-Year-old before his last breath, 30 long, pure oxygen and set the current world record of 24:11 minutes.

Three-points throws in Basketball

The most three-points throws in a Minute has not sunk about Stephen Curry and his teammate Klay Thompson NBA Record-holder Ray Allen. The best brand is holding an Amateur player Anthony Miracola. 31 litters from the three-point line and he sank 2019 in 60 seconds. It could have still be three more, because at the end of the nerves played the then-35-Year-old a trick: After 31 hits in the series, exile Miracola wasted his last three Attempts.


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