Bad side-swipe at “Game of Thrones”?


Jason Momoa enthusiasts in the U.S. series “Game of Thrones”, but now he deals against the successful production. He is convinced that his next project will put everything else in the shade.

In the meantime, no one can imagine the Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Comic scene without the actor. After all, was his first major role in “Stargate: Atlantis”. Particularly well-known Jason Momoa in was however, as “Khal Drogo” “Game of Thrones”even though he played this character is only eleven episodes long. Then it went only uphill for the now 40-Year-old. Since then he has been committed to by DC as “Aquaman” and helped the figure, velvet Film a surprising success. So it would be negligent to say that he has not yet participated in large projects. The super hero film in the world about a billion dollars, and the Fantasy series is one of the most popular productions of recent years. However, the actor surprised everyone with a statement about his new Film “Dune”.

“Game of Thrones” can’t keep up

This is based on the eponymous Science-Fiction novel by Frank Herbert. Jason Momoa will play the role of “Duncan Idaho”. According to “Dread Central” he even describes the character as similar to “Han Solo” from “Star Wars”. The Film can Shine now, studded with a giant star. In addition to the 40-Year-old Javier Bardem, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Stellan Skarsgård in the main role Timothée Chalamet will be to see. The actor himself admitted that he was excited to play alongside Javier Bardem. All in all, Momoa himself said that he was never engaged in a big production such as “Dune”. In view of the fact that he has participated in “Aquaman” and “GoT” that says a lot about the new Science-Fiction strip. The Fans can be curious whether the remake will be less disappointing as the first book film adaptation from the 80s. As the start date of the 18 stands at the moment. December of this year. However, all of that could change because of the Corona of a pandemic, of course.