“The Masked Singer”: Like ProSieben the ratings hit dirty


An absolute Fan favorite: The fuzzy on the “The Masked Singer”stage Image: ProSieben/Willi Weber


“The Masked Singer” disappointed – what errors ProSieben with the second season of power

“The Masked Singer” is currently the odds-drivers for ProSieben. An average of 3.89 million viewers will switch on, if the fuzzy, the chameleon or the hare to fight to get in the next Show and the celebrity-rate team of Ruth Moschner on the basis of the cross-sum of the one-player shown in the Figures derives the chart placement of a Schlager singer from the 70s, which of course leads to the next hot tip.

On Tuesday evening the semi-finals with the fifth edition of the music Gagashow already.

But as much as the quotas of votes, and the entertainment value of the Show is especially needed in times of pandemic urgently, so The Masked Singer is not convinced “” nevertheless, on all levels. Watson shows the biggest weaknesses of the second season – and how you could make it in the new Season in the autumn is better.

The Celebrities

The Show lives not only of the crazy and elaborate costumes, but, of course, the Stars in it. To date, singer Stefanie Heinzmann, Model Franziska Knuppe, singer Angelo Kelly (the exit voluntarily), actress Rebecca Immanuel and presenter Caroline Beil had to ventilate their masks.

Caroline Beil to your “Masked Singer”-revelation. Image: ProSieben/Willi Weber

During especially the last two candidate demonstrated inside undiscovered singing talent – resolution was even kept away from the celebrity team and viewers for Helene Fischer – the participants are well known, but by no means Top Stars (out of Angelo Kelly maybe exception), Heinzmann and resolution come from the ProSieben/Sat.1-cosmos. A Politician? A World-Class Athlete? Fail display.

Part of the disappointment of the spectators made the revelations on Twitter noticeable:

After the Surprise success of the first season, Fans could hope that the Show’s concept could have many of the A-League Celebrities for excitement taken care of, you could be quicker for the Show. At least Five revelations, and thus five chances to be a real Surprise for the audience.

The American colleagues of “The Masked Singer” are by the way a much widerIn the current third season, actress Bella Thorne, cult-Skater Tony Hawk and the Ex-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin went to, among others, at the Start.

The Evidence

Of course, the audience, the Rate is not to be taken fun and the sense of the hint videos is that the audience comes after the first Clip immediately to the celebrity in costume. Only part of the channel deviated the presented circumstantial evidence, but then. A stethoscope pointed to the bat, Franziska Knuppe, whose mother is a Doctor and Stefanie Heinzmann las as a Dalmatian in one-player a magazine, because she is a bookworm. Ahja…

Particularly bizarre: In the last note-the Clip with the robot, the Code was displayed AG47 and FE26 in the periodic system for the elements silver and iron. A fact that the wild Fan theory to Helene Fischer substantiated. As at the end but Caroline Beil in the costume was, the disappointment was great. In the Interview, with watson, you said after your Show: “it refers more to the robot and the colors of the robot costume. The audience should, of course, can also speculate in different directions.”

Conclusion: would be the merely instructions the Your destroy, deliberately Misleading scare but the Fans.

The Celebrity Team

Ruth “Sherlock” Moschner convinced already in the first season, with their crazy theories to the candidate, Rea Garvey , appeared in the first “Masked Singer”episode, as a guest, your in the second Season permanently to the side. The changing of the jury guest remained. In the last episode, especially the Bülent Ceylan show, “Masked Singer”-the candidate of the first hour could Shine, with spontaneous Gags and conclusively argued theories.

“The Masked”-Singer team: Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey. Image: ProSieben/Willi Weber

And Moschner become the Dieter Bohlen of the ProSieben Show. Which is not to say that it is nasty compared to the candidate – on the contrary. But she takes her Job very, very seriously. So you will not be tired to explain in the Live Shows, in detail, what you suspect celebrities on Instagram followswhat is going on in your VIP-Whatsapp-groups and with whom they had last Sunday, a virtual Brunch Date. Short: Ruth knows them all, and whom Ruth knows, is not a celebrity.

And it seems that the celebrity would have to rate the team already early in the season on certain names. So it is on the basis of the circumstantial evidence increasingly likely that Gregor Meyle is in the dragon costume, also his close friend, Rea Garvey is convinced.

And Moschner? The had shot first on athlete Matthias Steiner, but also on the singers with the gun, only to four out but then to backpedal and suddenly: “That was sensational and went straight to the heart. And he has so beautiful legs. I’m at Max Giesinger.” Huh? The legs of the dragon had allowed in all the weeks of glory, finally, in front of it to admire. So it is obvious that the new celebrity name to hesitate out the tension only further, where previously all had agreed.

You can do – or just try and get the shown evidence of the suspected Person in line.

ProSieben shows “The Masked Singer” on Tuesdays at 20.15.



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