Serena Williams’ pursuit of a record is slowed down by the Coronavirus


Serena Williams has this year, perhaps no possibility, to your 24. To get a Grand Slam title. Image: AP/AP

Race against time: The Coronavirus stops the record hunting of Serena Williams

Much like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, was with the cancellation of Wimbledon, her best Chance at another – perhaps last – Grand-Slam-title deprived. With a difference: Federer, already the record has been aiming for, the Williams.

Marcel Hauck / keystone-sda

Serena Williams is currently doing what many millions of people do worldwide, even if in some glamouröserer environment than most. She isolates herself with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and the two-year-old daughter, Olympia home in Florida.

“To be a wife and mother, cooking, Cleaning, spring cleaning, facial masks, Make-up-tips”, she described her daily routine in mid-March on Instagram, and announced that for six weeks in the domestic Isolation to withdraw.

At the beginning you have to measure the Coronavirus is no more important to you. “I thought, that concerns me, not really.” As the tournament in Indian Wells was canceled, have you thought of that: “Ok, this is a little weird, but now I have a bit of free time and am going to enjoy this.”

Although there is no evidence that Williams or your related persons have contracted the Virus, but the 38-year-old American began to make more and more Worried. “Then a rejection came after the other and there was a restlessness and apprehension.” Williams came to the conclusion: “This is serious. People, now remains at home.”

The unpopular Margaret Court

Williams is likely to be in addition to the health concerns at some point realize that your chances of making another Grand Slam are dwindling title rapidly. As you in January 2017 at the Australian Open, their 23. Grand-Slam-title repeated, it seemed only a matter of time before you record holder Margaret Court and would overtake.

Serena Williams after her victory in Melbourne in 2017. Picture: EPA/AAP

Then a first turning point came with the pregnancy. After a difficult birth, Williams came back strong. In the decisive moments, they had lost their previously-frightening self-assurance but.

Twice in Wimbledon (against Angelique Kerber and Simona Halep), and twice at the US Open (against Naomi Osaka, and Bianca Andreescu) lost as a favorite Grand-Slam-Finals – each Time in two sets. Strikingly: Before she became a mother, had Williams ‘tournaments’ Final record in Major-23:6 been.

Williams congratulates Bianca Andreescu after the US Open Final in 2019. Image: AP

The Knowledge of the approaching end of her career, has, according to many experts, the best tennis player in the history of the critical situations be nervous. And on paper, it is not (yet) the best. The Australian Margaret Court took from 1960 to 1973, 24 Grand-Slam titles.

Since the Australian in the meantime, as a preacher against the rights of Homosexuals a rather inglorious reputation has acquired, it would make almost all the tennis scene, if Williams would obliterate the record. Due to the Coronavirus, the time window closes, however, still faster than was already the case.

Margaret Court with homphoben Manifestations have repeatedly hit the headlines. Image: AP

With Wimbledon, Williams was taken probably the best Chance at another major title, the implementation of the US Open from the Coronavirus, hard hit, New York is highly vulnerable.

Roger Federer also lost with the cancellation of the tradition tournament in southwest London, one of the last opportunities on a 21. Grand Slam Triumph. The peer Basler has three tracks less than Williams, but (still) more than Rafael Nadal and three more than Novak Djokovic. Should take place this year, no more tournaments, and more, would not catch up to his pursuers, at least.

Running out of time

Serena Williams, however, is under pressure to act. Many experts are skeptical whether it will work with the record. The Eurosport commentator Barbara Schett says: “I was convinced that the 24. Title in the last year brings. Now, I think, that you are slowly running out of time. And the current forced break is not helping for sure.”

Maybe this is no longer in the life of the eccentric American, but also not so important. With 23 Grand Slam titles in singles (including 14 in doubles and 2 in Mixed doubles) and four Olympic gold medals (one in singles, three in doubles), and has its place in the Tennis-Olymp long-on for sure. (dab/sda)


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