Scarlett Johansson admits: “I collect regularly a basket”


Scarlett Johansson admits that she had to fight in the course of your life with a lot of rejection when it came to their work. Now you know how to appreciate it, but if you will be offered a role for which she was actually already out of the race divorced.

In an Interview with ‘Parade’ explains Scarlett: “Since I’m young, I’m going to be rejected all the time. The best call you can get is if you didn’t get something and then you get it. You appreciate it more. I’ve more or less made a career out of always being the second choice.“

The cinema release was postponed

Meanwhile, the ‘Marriage Story’actress to deal with, your projects are due to the Corona-crisis to a standstill. Recently, it was announced that the comic book adaptation ‘the Black Widow’, embodied in the Scarlett in the title role, instead of the 30. April 2020, and will come in a few months in the cinemas.

It was expected that the release of the Marvel blockbuster will be delayed – so Disney has moved the release of ‘Mulan’, ‘New Mutants’ and ‘Antlers’ because of the pandemic and also for these movies, as well as for ‘Black Widow’, as yet, no new start date.