Selena Gomez: love’s reunion with The Weeknd? – Köln


About two years ago, the relationship of the musicians went into the breaks. Now a hint of Selena Gomez had some very cagey.

In January 2017, it was announced that the two should be a Couple. In order to advanced quickly to a kind of “dream couple” of the music scene, as both Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are pretty successful. After they moved in September of the same year together, everything seemed to run really well. However, it was already a month later than in the past. The singer is said to have made the now 27-Year-old on the phone. In retrospect, a source revealed that the relationship is due to the crowded calendar was Crumble to be significantly. In addition, the 30 missing Years of his single life, and concentrated, have felt. Since then, the musician seemed to be in no relationship more. Accordingly, you must be the corona quarantine alone now.

You want him back?

This question took on Perez Hilton, together with Chris Booker in his own Podcast. Because Selena Gomez posted on Instagram a list of things that prepare you in the insulation of joy. To the Surprise of many, a Song from the new Album, her Ex-boyfriend was among these, although The Weeknd she had dumped her disgusting. Therefore, the podcasters asked whether the musician wants to maybe get back together with him. However, they could not come to an agreement right. The one believed that it was only a kind of conciliatory gesture to show that you are no longer makes the separation to create. The other replied that the 27-Year-old had also mentioned a Song by Justin Bieber. After all, had brought out a new Album. What wanted to say to the singer, they can probably know by the end of only you.