Immense losses: the re-opening of cinemas in the autumn? Culture


All the cinemas closed until far into the summer? In Berlin, probably to 31. July?* It is true that, according to initial announcements on Tuesday, other than for theatres and concert halls (until the end of the season at the 31. 7. to stay) be the cinemas for the time being up to 10. May closed. Then the term of the current regulation ends. Before the 30. April is not decided on the time then.

Thus the Dilemma and the drama of the situation only quite clearly. “The cinema can distance,” says Arne Höhne, one of the partners of Piffl Medien, the operate in addition to a film rental three open-air cinemas in the city, in Friedrichshain, in the Rehbergen and at Kreuzberger Mariannenplatz.

Not only that Piffl Team is working valiantly to re-opening scenarios, has developed concrete ideas for the observance of sanitation and clearance rules.

The exception for Open-Air cinemas?

Of removed Seating, Online Ticketing and the revival of the Institution toilet woman up to equalized series on risk-free the beginning of times in the Indoor houses, to avoid the crush at the entrance.

The open-air cinema-goers are accustomed to cooperating, so Höhne, seat cushion, back and eliminate your garbage. A consequence of appreciation: “In this Spirit, we could cope with the new requirements”. For the Open-Air sites, made an exception? On Tuesday evening it was not to be.

(The 200,000 subscriptions, and always concrete: How the Corona affects your neighborhood? Here it is, our days mirror-Newsletter, district for the district:

Outputs via a secondary staircase, a waiver of strict access controls, so it could work also in the fixed houses, if you may someday open again. The AG Kino developed a hygiene catalog that lists a disinfectant, and the mask protection.

“We need differentiated approaches. A theatre must of been because of the samples and the Minimum distance is to solve the stage problems other than a movie theater,“ says the AG-Board of management Chairman Christian Bräuer. Live the cinema “the audience”.

Bräuer is also the managing Director of the Yorck cinema group. “With 200 employees and a total of 100 full-time positions, we get zero support, from the short-time working money, and the possible deferral of payment of taxes and social contributions apart.” It is hoped now to the emergency assistance program IV of the Senate.

“And that the Federal government develops a targeted promotion for cinemas and theatre,” emphasizes Bräuer. High fixed cost, zero sales: This is also true for the major players in the market. The Cinemaxx chain shall demand that the “public funding to help only a very little”.

Hope for clearer announcements

Planning, safety, uniform guidelines regarding the protection measures, the wish for big or small houses. According to Bräuer, the lack of understanding is growing that the cultural economy is only just beginning on the note policy. Especially in the case of the private-sector culture, it is not going to go differently than with real grants.

Clearer announcements, to Gerhard Groß, managing Director of the cinema in the Hackesche höfe hopes. It is now only up to 10. May.* With hardly is that the cinemas are then treated differently than the theatre.

In the courtyards cinemas, one uses the misfortunes of the hour, to renovate, Corona-protective devices to install and to provide project funding applications, such as for the toilets-renewal, or a better air conditioning in the rooms.

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All life on Pump, and “all are equally affected,” says Christine Berg, Chairman of the Board of the main Association of movie theaters (HdF). She’s hoping for quick help for those who now have zero income. And on “uniform regulations”.

In view of the fact that each of the closure means of the week, 17 million euros of revenue loss, listed the HdF is already the beginning of April claims for the 25 000 people in the movie theater employees in Germany. This work is also short of money for the numerous “mini-jobbers”.

The cinemas are now dependent only right to point out that the policy uses the SME sector more under the arms. “The guarantees of the Federal government to protect the Bank, not us,” explains Gerhard Groß, and after thinking out loud about whether the loans could not be later turned into grants, if a company creates it’s own forces.

Loss can not be re-recorded

The cinemas will not be able to recoup what you lose. They pay for themselves anyway, only when there are peak loads on the weekend, Top-of-the-day, you are as good as sold out.

A third of the visitors, empty seats for the distance, less ideas, it is in the medium term, from whenever. It will not suffice to fill the coffers again.

But “even if it runs on red Numbers, we want to contact to our audience again soon,” says Gerhard in size. “The people who have generously purchased vouchers, you should soon be able to redeem.”

The clientele is now a test of patience, as well as the audience of the private theatres. Add to this that the entire film industry sits in a boat, including distributors, producers and film-makers.

Because the longer the cinemas, the more the pressure increases on all of them. Therefore, the operator intensively exchange ideas with the distributors. Also to the Three-pillar-model of the HdF, a common film catalogue belongs to.

Conversely, Warner Bros. has just the soldiarität campaign #cinema is coming again! launched, with video messages from German Stars by Caroline Link to Daniel Brühl.

Serious consequences for the cinema production

One example of many: As please Piffl media to schedule the second launch attempt for Christian Petzold’s fantastic Berlin-water fairy-tales “Undine” in the autumn, when you are competing with dozens of other displaced films against the new Bond?

“There’s something cumulative,” says Arne Höhne. Also the Online sale of Dani levy’s “kangaroo Chronicles” the Boxoffice-stop for the top title, X-can’t compensate for the films approach.

Only unrealistic in any forecast of whether and when the US Blockbuster start again international. They are the main competition for native plants, but also for full halls.


Christian Suhren from the cinema fsk am Oranienplatz also looks with worry at the cinema this autumn. “The mass starts are in any case long been a Problem.” Something other than Chaos he can not imagine.

If all of the cancelled film starts jostling in the final third for 2020 and later, this has serious consequences for the production. Why re-turn, if the release of already finished titles well into the next year?

A displacement station for impending bankruptcies: Fewer films in the next season that goes to the existence of distributors and production companies, Directors, actors, trades.

Or a fall now all the series business? The umbrella organization of the German film industry (SPIO) keeps a stability Fund in the amount of at least 563 million euros, is essential.

Some cinemas will not survive

Christian Bräuer also to the discussion of whether or not a part of the economic production funds can be diverted from the pot of the German Federal film Fund (DFFF) for acute support measures. HdF Chief Christine Berg repeated the suggestion that the 17-million-Euro pot of the “programme for the future of cinema” to increase.

Nice wish, but probably perdu: the Open-Air cinema opening soon and at the 8. In may, the day of liberation, at the open-air cinema Kreuzberg “The bridge” runs. The facade of the cinema-Initiative “window flicks”, the recorded now of Berlin’s backyards, there’s only a small consolation.

A prerequisite for the Free experience, always Thursdays and Saturdays: at least 20 tenants with a great view of the wall of the building. Lenders provide title, of “Shaun the sheep” up to Wenders’ “the sky over Berlin”.

Cinema à la Corona. The docked fundraising campaign “continued. The following“ is still used for a long time. Many of the now-closed 1734 cinemas in Germany, is likely to make it barely, to survive the General pause.
(*The Senate information on the question of the closure duration for the cinemas were on the 22. April different than the day before. The passages were modified accordingly.)