How does it look with the security of our energy supply? – Hattingen



A quick change in thinking is also urgently necessary?

Also the emergency units in our hospitals and clinics are operated at present by internal combustion engines. But internal combustion engines should be banned, according to the demand of the GREEN Manager Anna Lena Baerbock from the year 2030.

The ventilator can then be used to devices on the intensive care units of our hospitals only with solar or wind energy?

The ambulance and the fire brigade will then be powered only by electric motors.

A terrible thought for me!

The plant in Germany has already come by the coming of the Virus Covid-19 almost to a Standstill.

Who’s going to bring the solar cells on the roof, and the wind turbines in the landscape?

The automotive industry is already almost a lame. And who is now trying to build millions of electric cars?

The climate activists under the icon Greta Thunberg and the GREENS, will eventually appear out of the woodwork to bring your fantasies and visions of the man (and, of course, to the woman and the Various).

In the Ruhr area are already closed all the Pits, and the pits will be partially backfilled already.

Here is to approach to coal.

Activists Turner’s block from time to time the brown coal mining by artistic special services.

So it will be for the foreseeable future, soon no brown coal.

The phase-out of nuclear energy is already long behind us, and already belongs to history.

We buy it from France or Belgium, or other countries.

But we can’t afford to have this dependency at all?

If it is in the Moment of difficulty banal to get protective masks from abroad, such as like the first look when we’ve run out of steam (energy) will not run out because the sun is shining or the wind is silence?

I can’t even think about it!!

Now, the policy would be required, or is it overwhelmed by this?