Fortnite: a Live Event with Travis Scott was epic


The 1. Live Event with Travis Scott on Friday, may 24. April took place in Fortnite. It was a real spectacle. Our author Eilyn Rapp was live. See here, how to be the biggest Live-concert delivery.

How was the Event? The Live concert started at 1:05 PM. Players stood on the stage and waited. It rang with music and you could see a planet that is approached more and more.

Suddenly all the players were thrown in the air, and a giant, animated Travis Scott showed up and began to perform.

Players have been transported from one world to another, in which the whole Scene changed. Once you looked at Travis, then was suddenly underwater and even in outer space they found themselves again.

Here you can see the entire Live Event from the Travis Scott in Fortnite

If you missed the Event, there are still 4 possibilities for the Event itself to look at. To these data, the next concerts will be held:

  • Friday, 24. April, 16:00
  • Saturday, 25. April at 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, 25. April at 17:00
  • Sunday, 26. April at 0:00

All further information on “Travis Scott”concert, we have selected for you.

Millions of players to see

The concert was huge, and not only because it is just a spectacle, but because so many players were watching.

Fortnite tweeted that 12.3 million people were at the same time live at the Travis Scott concert.

As a comparison: When Marshmello concert, which took place more than a year ago, watched about 10 million players. Thus, the Travis Scott concert has set a new record.

“Travis Scott”concert was simply epic

I, Eilyn Rapp, was at a live concert, and must say: for me It is so far the best Live Event that has ever taken place in Fortnite.

The Animation, the lights, the music and the different mechanics have really amazed me. Epic has to swim, even under water, and only for a short scene in the concert.

There were always Surprises, missed an almost goose bumps. This concert is really recommended, no matter whether it is now “Travis Scott”Fan or not.

My personal Highlight: In the space, and the planet marvel

The implementation was so epic, the music is almost pushed into the Background. I can only recommend to everybody the yourself and watch.