Ariana Grande & Halsey argue with a crazy dress – Cologne


Even in times of Corona is still fighting with hard bandages to clothes. For the good purpose will now offer Ariana Grande and Halsey to the bet.

Now it is under the Stars and to get involved for the good cause. Just as the Corona-pandemic support many of them specific actions to help the less privileged. For example, there is a wide variety of Charity Livestreams and concerts to collect donations. In addition, the “All-In”Challenge was launched, with the celebrities a variety of prizes in return for donations to provide. The money will go to “Feed America” and similar organizations. For this Ariana Grande, Madonna was nominated. But the 26-Year-old has also made itself a lot for the good purpose. Next, you will host your own Online concert on Vimeo and Facebook. It appears, however, as your Halsey would be in a further action in the way.

Mega Dress

Because both singers are very interested in the auction, the production company A24. The auctions at the Moment, objects of a wide variety of film sets such as “The Lighthouse” or the HBO series “Euphoria”. The legendary dress from “Midsummer’s plays”, in the Florence Pugh the main role. Which in turn is best friends with Ariana Grande. As this interest in the design of a piece showed, wanted to convince the 24-Year-old make sure you that you should bid. According to the “DailyMail” she wrote that with the almost 15kg heavy dress Halloween would be really great. Only there’s a Problem. Halsey, the piece is also really great. A24 can make so probably a fight in the action ready. But after all, everything for the good purpose is. The more money comes together, the better. The donations go to the New Yorker “FDNY Foundation”. It will show up, who would like to have the floral dress dear.