Vulnerability in the Mail App on the iPhone


A cyber security company, found a critical vulnerability in the Mail App on the iPhone. You make it possible for attackers via specially crafted E-to to install mail Malware on the Smartphones of the Users.

So far, the gap remained undetected.

Mail App on the iPhone can be used to install malicious software

Hackers can use the Mail App from Apple iPhones to install malicious software. The Cyber Security Company ZecOps the previously unknown security vulnerability discovered now. It enables attackers using specially crafted E-to to install mail Malware on iPhones. In some operating systems, from iOS, such as iOS 13, not must not do the recipient much to get malicious software. Because the Installation can be done, if the Mail App loads, the malicious E-Mail down without the recipient takes further action.

According to the analysis of ZecOps the gap since at least Version 6 of the Apple mobile operating system. This Apple released in September 2012 together with the iPhone 5.

Targeted attacks on iPhones

So hackers should have the Mail App already for targeted attacks used. Among the Victims are located, according to ZecOps Employees of large companies in the United States and Japan, several celebrities, as well as a European Journalist.

However, Apple have plugged the gap in the most recent Beta Version of iOS. So should be in the Version 13.4.4 the e-Mail App again. You will probably soon find the entrance in Software Updates for the Apple operating system. From Apple, there is so far no comment. Until the Update is available, would users, who do not have the Beta Version on your devices to prevent, however, there is no other possibility of attacks using the vulnerability, as the Mail-disable the App on the iPhoneit says in the analysis of the security company.